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Prominence Epic Reporting Services

Access all of Prominence’s Epic reporting exports on an as-needed basis

7 Principles of a Data Platform Strategy

Principles for getting – and staying – ahead of your data demands.

Prominence Platform

Prominence’s Platform enables healthcare organizations to automate data pipelines from any data source, apply machine learning and AI capabilities, and deliver governed self-service to their consumers through any BI platform.

Analytics Services Case Study

See how support from our analytics team provided unparalleled value resulting in more than 30 solutions deployed and empowered ownership of analytics by the customers’ BI team.

Tableau Server AWS Quick Start

Get live on a HIPAA-compliant AWS instance for Tableau in as few as 7 days and learn about the deliverables and considerations.

Referrals Management Best Practices and Analytics

Preventing leakage and ensuring keepage in competitive markets is crucial to long-term viability. Combine EHR and payer data to see which providers are referring patients out of network and which additional services you can invest in to better retain patients.

QlikView & Qlik Sense Enterprise Development Strategy

Qlik’s toolset is powerful and robust. It has numerous applications to meet nearly any BI need and managing everything in a cohesive fashion can be tough. Prominence has a decade of experience managing Qlik environments for healthcare customers and can set your team up for success.

Prominence Solutions Overview

Overview of Prominence’s Accelerators that drive rapid adoption of governed self-service.

Prominence Accelerator – Surgical Services

Combine data from your EHR, materials management, staff management, finance and quality data sources to create a comprehensive dashboard for managing your OR operations. Identify variations in high-cost providers, duplicate records, block utilization and more.

Prominence Accelerator – Sepsis

Tracking and preventing Sepsis helps to reduce length of stay, prevent mortalities and reduce readmissions. Understanding your organization’s ability to execute on critical interventions when patients trend toward, or become, septic ensures the best outcomes for your patients.

Prominence Accelerator – RN Scorecard

Performance management and improvement is everyone’s job. The Nursing Scorecard puts key quality and performance data at your fingertips, and can be integrated within the EHR to drive workflow and ensure seamless access to analytics.

Prominence Accelerator – Revenue Cycle Performance Professional

Leverage advanced analytics to identify bottlenecks, compare performance and manage complex reimbursement schedules with ease. Automated delivery of governed self-service data ensures no question goes unanswered. Combine this with our Hospital RCM Accelerator to create SBO analytics!

Prominence Accelerator – Revenue Cycle Performance Hospital

Leverage advanced analytics to identify bottlenecks, compare performance and manage complex reimbursement schedules with ease. Automated delivery of governed self-service data ensures no question goes unanswered. Combine this with our Professional RCM Accelerator to create SBO analytics!

Prominence Accelerator – Residents & Fellows

Reporting requirements for residents and fellows has grown dramatically over the last several years. Quickly provide up-to-date data on their performance, volumes, and more in a governed dashboard that automates the dissemination process in a secure manner.

Prominence Accelerator – Readmissions

Readmissions are a major cost driver and reducing them means both improved outcomes and increased margins in the pay-for-performance healthcare model. Quickly identify frequent fliers, top reasons for admission, and more, to ensure you’re minimizing readmissions.

Prominence Accelerator – Quality Outcome

Performance improvement of the health system leads to better outcomes for patients. The Quality Accelerator ensures you’re identifying and remediating variations in care, identifying process improvement/interventions to improve outcomes, and complying with reporting standards.

Prominence Accelerator – Provider Scorecard

Automate provider performance management reporting and provide individual physicians with scorecards that compare themselves to peers in a blinded manner. This dashboard makes OPPE / FPPE management a breeze and ensures you meet your data distribution commitments.

Prominence Accelerator – Payor Performance

Track populations using data from your payers to provide proactive and preventative care. Combine in EHR data to review trends against targets such as PMPM, utilization, quality and more.

Prominence Accelerator – Patient Satisfaction

Patients as consumers have never had more choice. Knowing your performance on key satisfaction measures, ranks and scores ensures that you can maximize every encounter with your patients.

Prominence Accelerator – Patient Demographics

Understanding your population, their needs and potential barriers to care ensures that you can accommodate their specific needs by providing tailored services. Map and manage the needs of your population to retain and attract greater market share.

Prominence Accelerator – Metric Management

Successful adoption requires trust and performance. Engender trust by transparently sharing metric definitions and monitor the performance as your team develops new KPIs.

Prominence Accelerator – Medical Economics

Aggregate data from key sources to understand performance around your cost and utilization KPIs. Leverage data to create strategic plans for patient management and accurately track performance.

Prominence Accelerator – Labor & Productivity

Staff management is key to avoiding burnout and ensuring sufficient provider ratios to care for patients. This dashboard ensures you maximize productivity, minimize cost and reduce turnover and burnout.

Prominence Accelerator – Imaging & Radiology

Get a complete picture of imaging and radiology performance from turn-around-times to productivity to volumes to text-based data.

Prominence Accelerator – Grants & Proposals

Track and manage activities on awards, grants and proposals for your organization to ensure compliance and timeliness.

Prominence Accelerator – General Ledger Analyzer

Gain a comprehensive overview of your general ledger and measure contribution margin, produce expense reports and more.

Prominence Accelerator – Executive Spotlight

Combine data from any source to get financial, clinical, quality, performance and other key measures trended over time in an actionable dashboard.

Prominence Accelerator – Emergency Medicine

Track and manage all key emergency medicine including throughputs, dispositions, and more, while blending in lab, quality and other data sources.

Prominence Accelerator – De-identified Cohorts

Create cohorts of patients on the fly without manual chart abstraction or the need for IRB approval. The de-identified data set saves weeks and months of manual labor while providing researchers information they need.

Prominence Accelerator – Bundled Payments

Pay-for-performance is the new standard for healthcare. Ensure that your patients are utilizing the right resources to manage costs and deliver superior outcomes.

Prominence Extraction Console

Automate your data pipelines from any data source with a code-free console that ensures governance and delivers performance.

Ongoing Analytics Support & Advisory Services

Ensuring continuity of analytics for your consumers is critical to engendering trust with them. Prominence’s ongoing analytics support ensures that you’re ability to deliver is never impacted by turnover or changes in staffing.

Epic Tableau Integration

Embed your Tableau dashboards directly into Epic or Cerner in as few as 10 business days.

Epic Reporting and Governance Strategy

Having a solid foundation for your reporting strategy is critical, especially as vendor recommendations and tools change. See how Prominence enables long-term analytics success.

Epic Qlik Integration

Embed your Qlik dashboards directly into Epic or Cerner in as few as 10 business days.

Claims Normalization

Normalizing that data can be challenging, which is where Prominence can save you time and money while ensuring you provide your organization with comprehensive data set.

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