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Real Time Data

Healthcare is provided in real-time. Your staff operate in real-time.
Why don't your analytics?

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Real-Time Value

Prominence's Platform now offers real-time data connections to sources like Epic, Cerner and dozens of other mission critical systems.

The connection is governable, ensuring source systems are never over burdened with duplicative or excessive requests, and secure, allowing you to control over your data sources down to the column level.

Using Prominence's Accelerators with real-time data provides your clinicians, leadership and administrative staff with unprecedented access to data that maximizes your current investments and enables you to achieve your strategic data goals.

View the short video on how Prominence's Platform enables easy access to real-time and batch data - all from an secure, easy to use, no-code interface.

Real-Time in Use

Organizations are leveraging real-time data to:

  • Improve patient outcomes by proactively detecting untoward trends
  • Increase patient satisfaction by ensuring timely communication
  • Reducing the number of places providers must go to find the data they need
  • Maximizing revenue through accurate documentation and reduced denials

Additionally, transformative organizations are leveraging Prominence to embed these solutions within the EHR. This integration enables:

  • Frictionless transition from analytics to workflow
  • Improved governance by giving EHR and non-EHR users the same analytics
  • Rapid time to value: implement in <30 days
  • Drives an average $300% ROI in <12 months
  • Manage user access and integrate with existing SSO
  • Field-level security for source systems
  • Access request process ensures governance
  • Access any data in real-time
  • Control volumes with throttling
  • Prevent duplicate extractions
  • Connect once to source systems
  • Code-free creation of new real-time extractions
  • Visualize linked items and key fields
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