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Real Time Data

Your staff operates in real-time. Why doesn't your data?

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Real-Time Value

Empowering your staff with real-time data drives tremendous value for your organization. Enable your staff to:

  • Track population health
  • Guide care transitions and case management activities
  • Manage quality measures
  • Monitor the revenue cycle
  • Track candidates for research and trials
  • Oversee capacity management and throughput
  • And much, much more
Is Real-Time Enough?

Data in real-time can be transformative, but only if it drives action. This is why Prominence embeds analytics directly into the EHR, enabling truly actionable analytics. Embedding analytics in the EHR:

  • Frictionless transition from analytics to workflow
  • Improved governance by giving EHR and non-EHR users the same analytics
  • Rapid time to value: implement in <30 days
  • Drives an average $1M ROI

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  • Manage user access and integrate with existing SSO
  • Field-level security for source systems
  • Access request process ensures governance
  • Access any data in real-time
  • Control volumes with throttling
  • Prevent duplicate extractions
  • Connect once to source systems
  • Code-free creation of new real-time extractions
  • Visualize linked items and key fields
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