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We’re experts in aligning the people, processes, and technology required to establish Data Governance principles and achieve governed, self-service analytics.
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The Prominence Difference

Achieving the triple aim of healthcare (improved quality of care, improved population health, and reduced costs) will require innovative problem solving and collaboration across diverse stakeholders in operations, clinical delivery and information technology.

We know that true partnership and organizational change is hard. Let’s talk about the right combination of people, process and technology to transform your organization.

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Quality Guarantee

At Prominence, we pride ourselves in the quality of team we've been able to build, and our ability to find and attract industry-leading talent to meet our customer's needs. So much so, that we will GUARANTEE our work for the first 2 weeks of any consultant placed with our customers. If our customers are not happy with the performance of a Prominence staff member after 2 weeks, they will not be charged for those billable hours and we will replace the resource at no additional cost.

Types of Strategic Engagements

We take pride in understanding the needs and requirements for our clients. Whether it’s implementing a defined Prominence solution or working with you to build a custom solution, we develop each strategic engagement based on your priorities and goals. Our projects are as varied as the organizations we serve, focused in areas such as:

Data Governance

Everyone needs to be able to make decisions based on accurate data. Data governance is the way for you put the right people, processes, and technology in place to realize the value of your data and enable a data-driven culture.

We guide your team in setting up a strong information data governance foundation and framework to ensure the quality and integrity of your data in the future. Read about tangible implementation of the Data Governance framework here .

"We struggled with building data governance across our system, and we needed help from an outside agency. Prominence came in and helped us close the gap between departments. They were a good solution for us. We needed someone to give us an expert opinion, and we needed a third party to assess our situation. Prominence's survey process was very helpful." - VP KLAS

Metric Management

As partners with leading metric management systems such as Informatica , we understand the hurdles faced when operationalizing metric management. And, as experts in not only the tool capabilities, but also the processes and skills needed by all participating and owning teams, we’re proud of our opportunities to holistically address healthcare organizations needs. Learn about metric maturity here .

"Prominence has a really deep understanding of all the tools in the marketplace. They know the BI market space and helped us make decisions in that space. With the data governance space, Prominence was familiar enough and understood enough of the processes to be able to make suggestions. Prominence has proven very knowledgeable across all those different tools. They have pretty remarkable levels of breadth and depth." - Manager KLAS

“The discipline of going through the metric workbook to get all the end users of the tool to agree on what each metric means and how it is calculated is well-invested time. It takes a while as these can be lengthy conversations, but when the dashboard is finally up and running, everyone is in agreement regarding what the dashboard means.” - Jason Ryan, Manager of Analytics, South Shore Health System

Master Data Management

All healthcare organizations have multiple systems where enterprise data can easily become fragmented, duplicated and quickly become out of date. We will guide you through Master Data Management to improve the consistency and quality of your key data assets by giving you the ability to see a single view of important data domains, like patient, provider, and location across your enterprise. See how we have worked with other customers on provider integrity.

"We are improving how we do reporting and the availability of data, which has not always been available in a friendly fashion. We are trying to help the individuals that are performing the services, the physicians and their staff, get into the data on their own so that they can learn to analyze and work from there to make decisions. Prominence helped us think outside the box and achieve that goal." - Director KLAS

Process Improvement

We recognize that Process Improvement is not unlike scaling a mountain. We SCALE the mountain by Setting goals that are concrete and tangible, Capturing current state through a deep dive to map processes from start to finish, Analyzing process and identify gaps, Locating root cause and formulating a plan to fix it, and Executing a solution and continuous monitoring.

"Prominence has different team members with different skills. I am very happy with Prominence. They are very progressive and are never satisfied with just sticking to the status quo. They are always looking at ways to improve their processes. Prominence really sets themselves apart by being innovative and coming up with transformative solutions." - VP KLAS

Revenue Cycle Transformation

We are here to help you tackle the new generation of revenue cycle, healthcare initiatives and analytic demands. We coalesce your goals, vision and challenges with data using our pre-built analytical tools to identify areas of opportunity to improve your bottom line. We combine analysis with action, ready to start?

“These folks are the ideal advisors and I couldn’t wish for a better team. I feel like we won the lottery!”

“We appreciate your assistance with all the tickets we have created. You guys are awesome to work with and your wicked smaht as we say in Maine.”

– Tony Murray, Director of Payment Posting and Self-Pay

Population Health

Population health initiatives focus on delivering the right level of care to the right patient in the right setting. At Prominence, when we talk about population health management, we think about it across a spectrum that includes information, intervention, and accountability. We can help you utilize data to gain insight to the needs of your population, design interventions, and assess their success. Learn more about our approach to population health here .

"Prominence has a unique group of talent. They have a lot of former Epic employees, so they know Epic really well. Prominence's people are very entrepreneurial, and they think outside the box. They have the attitude that they can do anything until proven otherwise, and that is awesome. That positive attitude is the fundamental reason why I like Prominence. If we come up with some crazy idea, they will tackle it. They at least entertain the idea as opposed to other teams I have worked with who have a lot of apprehension when we talk about a crazy idea. That can-do attitude is the difference between a conventional team and Prominence." - VP KLAS

M&A Alignment

We bring a balance of empathy and impartiality to the considerate unraveling of the current state roles and processes following a merger, enabling the thoughtful reconstruction to a future state that’s better than before.

“I honestly don’t think I’ve worked with a better PM in all my years. Her ability to be strategic and tactical at the right times, and be effective with such a positive attitude is truly exceptional.”

“We could not have met the deadline or have experienced a relatively smooth go-live without his due diligence, hard work, attention to detail and swift response.”– Arshia, Manager

The Values That Drive Our Approach


You should be able to easily align your technology with your goals, while putting the patient first
Intelligently applied technology can automate processes, reduce cost and risk, and enable efficiency
True change can only be achieved by speaking the same language and moving cohesively toward a common vision
Doctors, nurses, and administrators should be able to trust and act upon their data
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