Strategic Services
As your organization increases in complexity, strong leadership and sound governance become pivotal. Our Strategic Advisors are experts in the gray areas in healthcare — between operations and IT, between clinical and financial, between the patient and the system. Through our experiences, we’ve learned to recognize and quantify risks and opportunities in pushing through these gray areas to the clarity beyond.
The Prominence Difference

More than ever, the landscape of healthcare requires operations and information technology to partner to solve problems. We know that true partnership is tough; it requires shared purpose, common ground, and open communication.

We see the other side of a tough challenge as the place where magic happens. Our Strategic Advisors have a long track record of guiding our clients to find their shared purpose, understand the path ahead, and to move forward to achieve their goals.

About Us
Quality Guarantee

At Prominence, we pride ourselves in the quality of team we've been able to build, and our ability to find and attract industry-leading talent to meet our customer's needs. So much so, that we will GUARANTEE our work for the first 2 weeks of any consultant placed with our customers. If our customers are not happy with the performance of a Prominence staff member after 2 weeks, they will not be charged for those billable hours and we will replace the resource at no additional cost.

Types of Strategic Engagements

We take pride in understanding the needs and requirements for our clients, and we develop each Strategic engagement based on your priorities and goals. Our projects are as varied as the organizations we serve, focused in areas such as:

Revenue Cycle Management

We are here to help you tackle the new generation of revenue cycle, healthcare initiatives and analytic demands. We coalesce your goals, vision and challenges with data using our pre-built analytical tools to identify areas of opportunity to improve your bottom line. We combine analysis with action, ready to start?

“These folks are the ideal advisors and I couldn’t wish for a better team. I feel like we won the lottery!”

“We appreciate your assistance with all the tickets we have created. You guys are awesome to work with and your wicked smaht as we say in Maine.”

– Tony Murray, Director of Payment Posting and Self-Pay

Data and Information Governance

Everyone needs to be able to make decisions based on accurate data. Data governance is the way for you to realize the value of your data, while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. We guide your team in setting up a strong information governance foundation and framework to ensure the quality and integrity of your data.

“They are doing everything that was asked for and more, like helping translate their recommendations into a format that can jump start my work to put together the long range plan.”

“They quickly & effectively have been able to take our organizational context and apply their knowledge. Like when I shared a working model for future state prioritization, then were able to take that and incorporate into their work very seamlessly.”

- Danny Sama, Vice President, Analytics and Chief Data Executive

Metric Management/MDM

Guide your organization to speak the same language. Our Metric Management solution helps you kick start metric definition, providing a template, framework and source of truth for metrics that anyone can reference to create a new report or application. It’s an excellent starting point for identifying potential duplicate metrics or metrics that may be impacted by a workflow or system build change.

Process Improvement

We recognize that Process Improvement is not unlike scaling a mountain. We SCALE the mountain by Setting goals that are concrete and tangible, Capturing current state through a deep dive to map processes from start to finish, Analyzing process and identify gaps, Locating root cause and formulating a plan to fix it, and Executing a solution and continuous monitoring.

M&A Alignment

We bring a balance of empathy and impartiality to the considerate unraveling of the current state roles and processes following a merger, enabling the thoughtful reconstruction to a future state that’s better than before.

“I honestly don’t think I’ve worked with a better PM in all my years. Her ability to be strategic and tactical at the right times, and be effective with such a positive attitude is truly exceptional.”

“We could not have met the deadline or have experienced a relatively smooth go-live without his due diligence, hard work, attention to detail and swift response.”

– Arshia, Manager

Creative Solutions Rooted In Discipline

Our strategic services embrace the following principles as we help our customers tackle complex, cross-functional challenges:

Purposeful and agile action
Governance structures to align and steer
Informed and active sponsorship
Authority and accountability
Communication channels with clear expectations
Prioritization and resource management
Change and risk management
Iterative process improvement
Innovative use of tools and technology
The Values That Drive Our Approach


You should be able to easily align your technology with your goals, while putting the patient first
Intelligently applied technology can automate processes, reduce cost and risk, and enable efficiency
True change can only be achieved by speaking the same language and moving cohesively toward a common vision
Doctors, nurses, and administrators should be able to trust and act upon their data
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