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BI Tool Conversion

Take your analytics to the next level with Prominence Advisors. Our team is ready to convert your organization to your new BI tool today!

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Proven Processes

From start to finish, Prominence Advisors has led numerous organizations through their BI tool conversions.

Once the groundwork is laid via the 360° review, the Prominence team will move into application conversion, focusing on setting your organization up for success with their new tool! Our proven process has helped some of the country's largest healthcare organizations convert with ease.

Why Prominence?

The Prominence Advisors team understands the value of time. Our 360° review analyzes your organization before we begin the conversion to ensure that our efforts are as efficient as possible. Our 360° review has yielded the following results for a client:

  • 32% decrease in visualizations converted because of a decrease in manual build required
  • 20% decrease in code converted by implementing more standard workflows for streamlined reporting
  • 15% decrease in applications maintained by consolidating similar applications into a single source of truth
  • Experience with all major BI tool vendors: Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, SAP
Conversion 360

Before we begin with your BI tool conversion, the Prominence team will conduct a 360° review of key areas of the engagement to ensure success. Taking this time before we get started saves time, money, and headache as you make the switch to a new BI tool. During this process, we'll review the following areas:

  • People
  • Project
  • Tools
  • Customer Landscape
  • Change Readiness
  • Risks
Govern the Process

As part of a conversion, your team will be using data governance best practices; metric definitions and stewardship are two primary areas to conversions. This may also be a time where you choose to implement tools to support improved data governance in the future.

This process aligns people, process, and technology to set your organization up for long-term success.

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