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Best in KLAS

We’re a Best in KLAS organization, earning the #1 ranking in Technical Services in 2023. Our team has expertise and experience in all of Epic's reporting and analytic tools, and 3rd-party tools like Power BI, Tableau, Snowflake, Azure, AWS, Databricks, etc. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize your Epic reporting capabilities.

What We Do

Our team has certifications in every Epic module, and our advisors average over 10 years of experience with multiple implementations under their belts.

From implementation and rollout support, to analytics development, to optimization support – you won’t find a more qualified team to help you maximize your utilization of Epic.

KLAS Testimonials
Prominence does outstanding work. They continue to exceed my expectations and I don't anticipate the engagement stopping. -Director
I would definitely buy Prominence's services again. They consistently exceed expectations. In terms of the quality of the staff, they are amazing. -Manager
Prominence's people are the best in the industry. The level of knowledge, expertise, reliability, initiative, and execution is high. -Director
Prominence has been my go-to expertise consulting firm for many years. They are a great partner. -Director
What separates Prominence from other vendors is that ... the caliber of people are incredible. We tend to go to the vendor for roles that we know are hard to fill. Prominence has delivered every time. -Director
The resources from Prominence have rocked our projects to the point where we would like to work with them again on a specific future project. -Director
Epic Reporting Strategy

Looking to migrate off of Business Objects and implement new Cogito tools? Leverage our team of Epic Reporting Experts to help expedite the transition before your support of Crystal and WebI ends.

Advanced Analytics

Data from anywhere becomes information for anyone that is trusted by everyone.

Governance & Strategy

Aligning People, Processes, and Technology

to maximize your investments in your staff, data, and tools.

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