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The Prominence team has given many health systems insight into their data with Informatica. Give your organization access to clean, trustworthy data with this partnership.

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Your Organization's Data Already Exists...


of organizations are challenged by data quality


of time is spent on search and data preparation


of useful data created in 2018 was tagged

Prominence's Informatica Expertise


Establish a central location for easy metric lookup by end users. Foster stewardship at your organization.

Data Catalog

Easily identify what data is being defined.

Master Data Management

Share your organization's master data with the right users at the right time.

Data Quality

Measure data quality metrics and scorecards.

Cloud Data Integration

Ingest your data into your cloud data warehouses and lakes. Reduce overhead and efficiently integrate apps and APIs.

Why Focus on Data Governance?
  • Managing data is getting harder, as data volume and types are always increasing.
  • Data Democratization drives business value, allowing for widespread, reliable, and easy data consumption for all employees.
  • An effective Data Governance strategy allows your organization to comply with existing and new regulations, reducing the likelihood of penalties.
  • Without Data Governance, your organization is likely duplicating efforts.
Informatica CDI

Maximize your Informatica investment with this no-code data transformation solution. Easily copy, transform, and prep your data for use in downstream applications, regardless of your source tool.

Discussing PHI Classification in EDC at Providence

Aaron Bakker and Kristy Zirngible discuss how the tenets of data governance and data classification have driven tangible business value at Providence. Watch this webinar to see how the Providence team was able to use their Data Governance tools to identify sensitive information in their organization, resulting in:

  • Locate PII in their data lake with improved accuracy and confidence
  • Translate the value of the data catalog through operationalizing privacy and security policies
Blended Data to Support Analytics in an Epic Environment

Accelerate the adoption of advanced analytics at your organization with the use of blended data. Hear from Kristy Zirngible and Anna Wojcik as they explain their experience with:

  • Leveraging existing data to encourage data-driven decision-making using Informatica
  • How health organizations can achieve data maturity in an Epic environment
  • Blending data to make it available for use and reuse across the organization.
Data Governance with Epic

Unlock Your Data

Reduce Upgrade Impacts

Report Catalog

Epic First, Back to Foundation

Fix Reporting Chaos, Scan Your EHR

Make the most of your Epic investment - Do more with your data.

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