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See how we're moving mountains with Snowflake. Automate the extraction of your on-prem data sources into Snowflake with the Prominence Platform.

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Snowflake + Prominence Advisors: Migrate Your Data with Ease
Extract, prep, and configure your data with ease in the Prominence Platform.
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Tame Wild Data

Our team of Epic experts understand the amount of data your organization is managing. The Prominence Platform's Extraction Console addresses the challenges that often accompany large amounts of data. Extract data from any database, and the Extraction Console will:

  • Deliver to your Snowflake warehouse
  • Use incremental extraction logic wherever possible
  • Execute refreshes of extraction on schedule
  • Eliminate errors caused by "copy-paste coding" by creating a code-free solution

We can implement the Extraction Console in 2 weeks and train your team in 2 hours - what are you waiting for?

Establish a Strong Data Governance Foundation

Set your organization up for long-term, scalable success with a strong Data Governance foundation. Our team of experts has helped some of healthcare's largest organizations to align their people, processes, and technology, giving them 100% trust in their data.

Make Your Implementation Epic
Our team of Epic veterans, with an average of 10 years of experience and certifications in every module, is ready to lead your organization through your next Epic implementation.
Advanced Analytics: Do More With Your Data

From data lakehouses to visualization, our team of experts is prepared to take your organization’s analytics to the next level.

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Disclaimer: The Prominence team doesn’t represent or warrant any functionalities provided by partners. Contact Snowflake for currently available features.

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