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About Us

Prominence helps healthcare organizations do more with your data. Whether it's guiding you through your EMR implementation, establishing Data Governance principles, or establishing self-service analytics, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Do More With Your Data. Make Healthcare Smarter.
Prom-i-nence, noun:

Prom-i-nence, noun: a term used by mountain climbers to describe the relative difficulty of a summit they plan to ascend.

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare IT, overcoming challenges you're facing may seem like summiting Everest. Prominence is the experienced guide and trusted partner that will help you create efficient, creative and sustainable solutions to overcome each of those challenges. Prominence was founded by former Epic managers, is staffed with the best and brightest in the industry, builds award winning solutions, and has experience with over 30 EHRs and other software systems.

Our Core Values
Move Mountains
Do Great Work

These values guide us as we make decisions, advise our customers, and build the team and culture that supports our vision.

Our Leadership Team
Bobby Bacci
Founder & CEO
Bobby started Prominence so the most talented minds in Healthcare could work together to tackle healthcare’s most pressing problems. True to course, Prominence has been recognized as a best place to work more than 20 times, and this work environment has created an innovative culture that is critical to supporting more than 70 healthcare organizations across the country, including 7 of the top 10 rated hospitals. Bobby was a implementation lead at Epic and also worked on the vendor relations team while there. When not at work, Bobby spends his time with family, hiking, climbing, listening to live music, and as an advisor for the Global Health Coalition.
Austin Montgomery
VP of Services
Austin Montgomery is the VP of Services at Prominence Advisors where he oversees the success of all of Prominence’s data and analytics engagements with customers. At Prominence, Austin has worked with numerous customers to improve data accessibility, establish development lifecycles, optimize their EMRs, and implement governed self-service analytics solutions. Austin was a team lead at Epic where he worked as an application reporting lead on the OpTime team. When not at work or his second home (the airport), Austin can be found either playing hockey, golfing, playing with his two dogs, or venturing into the mountains.
Greg Cook
VP of Deployment Services and Customer Success
Greg Cook is the VP of Deployment Services and Customer Success, where he is responsible for ensuring the financial success of our customers, through the strategic application of resources, processes, and tools within your revenue cycle. At Prominence, Greg works closely with each of our strategic revenue cycle engagements, and develops new methodologies and best practices within our Strategy team. Greg was a team lead and system success executive at Epic where he worked for over 6 years managing large, complex revenue cycle conversions, developing the access and revenue cycle readiness program, monitoring the financial health of all customers, and leading at-risk customers in the development and execution of action plans to become successful in their use of the system. When not at work, Greg is a father, husband, chef, singer, landscaper, snow remover, and all-around handy-man who can be found tinkering on his house, singing karaoke, or exploring the wilderness with his wife and son.
Rose Thayer
VP of Analytics
Rose Thayer is the VP of Analytics where she is responsible for the planning, management, and execution of analytics projects across software platforms. Rose has developed and implemented analytics applications working on data framework and visualizations, as well as training for various software platforms. Rose previously worked at Epic, where she provided technical support and custom enhancement development for Epic's surgical software product. She also took an active role in developing and leading both Epic staff and Epic client training on the software product. When not working, Rose enjoys reading, spending time at Lake Michigan, and coaxing giggles from her little boy.
Kristy Zirngible
VP of Strategic Services
Kristy Zirngible is the VP of Strategic Services where she is responsible for the development, management and execution of projects combining technology, analytics and rapid process improvement methodologies. Kristy works with our data governance, revenue cycle management and analytics services projects. Kristy was a team lead and implementation executive at Epic where she worked for 10 years managing multifaceted, complex enterprise software implementations, developing the community connect program and managing the Team Leads and resource allocation for the Implementation Division. When not working, Kristy is an avid reader, weekend volleyball player, pickle ball amateur, painter of small children’s décor and mother of three.
Selah Ben-Haim
VP of Engineering
Selah is the VP of Engineering, and he oversees the development of Prominence’s Platform, a set of technologies and best practices for building scalable and automated data pipelines for analytics solutions. Selah has worked with numerous technologies and platforms in the healthcare BI space, and is fond of saying he hasn't found a data source he can't play nicely with. His background includes leadership, project management and programming across telecom, healthcare, marketing and beyond. When Selah is not working on, looking at, or dreaming about computers, he’s holding his own against his two incredible children, biking around Minneapolis, and playing the guitar.

"I see Prominence as more of a partner than a vendor. They have helped us along our analytical journey, and they were very patient and flexible with us throughout the process. They went above and beyond, and they even offered us guidance in areas that we had not even thought about. It was clear that they wanted us to be successful and that they would do whatever was necessary to make sure we could get there."

Director, KLAS

"She was focused and extremely knowledgeable and kept us on target. We completed all of our applications on time and for the most part within the original scope which was a challenge as we have some stakeholders involved in the project who kept trying to add items in. She was very easy to work with and was very accommodating to our schedule. She actually cares about the work she does and wants us to be successful."

Dan Rose, Project Specialist Population Health, South Shore Health System

"I love the dashboard, the look and feel, the access to information, the ability to interact with it. I love what you have done and am excited to see what else you do! We don't have anything else like this to help put together such a strategic plan before diving into details and making it relevant."

Emily Greta, Director of Medical Economics, Health Alliance

“Prominence’s model is very good. Prominence comes in with an app that has been built, so they aren’t starting from scratch like a typical consulting firm. They sell something that is going to get their customers 75% of the way there. We are much more complex than the typical organization, so it was tough to work with us. I think Prominence did a good job, and they have a very good culture.”

VP/Other Executive, KLAS

“…It was the partnership with Prominence; they were part of the balanced project team. We needed their expertise as part of our team to help us in areas that we weren’t yet prepared to go, both technically and with gaps in our knowledge in terms of data governance and several other areas that were just slightly out of the scope of where we were prepared to be.”

Randy Bender, BI Developer, Lee Health

"We build applications with Prominence. They have done training for us, and I keep them in a coaching role. I budget in advisory hours and support hours. I also use Prominence as a manager to challenge my team and to show that team what good looks like. The firm helps us conceive things and works with us to execute certain projects. We want to hit our budget, and we also want to hit quality. We want subject matter expertise from a technical and business perspective. We want flexibility and good response times. Prominence is a good partner, and they have exceeded our expectations. They have been great. They know who we are; I even have their owner on speed dial. We work really well together, and we are happy with them."

Director, KLAS

Check out what our customers are saying about us on KLAS's website, a company that helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by offering accurate, honest, and impartial vendor performance information.

Community Engagement
Driven by our mission to create a healthier tomorrow, we are honored to partner with amazing organizations focused on positive health impacts locally and abroad.
Global Health Coalition
Global Health Coalition was founded improve population health outcomes in underserved communities by strengthening health IT infrastructure in global health clinics and hospitals. Humbled by the impact of this mission, we have dedicated time, resources, and our experience in analytics to help GHC accomplish their goals. Members of our leadership team also serve on their advisory board to help ensure the ongoing success of the coalition.
Visit GHC Website
Tri 4 Schools
The events and programs run by Tri 4 Schools aim to teach children about setting and achieving goals, fitness, nutrition, sportsmanship and self-confidence through running, biking, and swimming activities. Inspired by the opportunity to address health for future generations, we’ve proudly sponsored a key fundraiser for Tri 4 Schools since 2013.
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