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Prominence Platform: Configuration Console

Govern all metrics and dimensions from one place to create a single source of truth

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Simplify Governance

Healthcare organizations have thousands of metrics and dimensions in use across dozens of reporting tools. Most organizations are manually maintaining their metrics and dimensions in numerous places: EDWs, reports, marts, and more. When it comes time to change a metric, finding and updating all of the locations using it becomes a major effort in time and validation.

The Configuration Console eliminates the hours of slogging through code, reporting tools, and niche solutions by providing a code-free solution for managing all metric and dimension configuration points.

Rather than hunt for every place a specific value might be used, simply enter the new value in the configuration console and it will push the new value to all metrics and dimensions that reference it. Changes take seconds and you never miss an update. Best of all the changes can be rolled back with a click and an audit trail of changes is available to increase transparency.

Empower Your Staff

Prominence’s Configuration Console enables non-technical staff to govern metrics and dimensions in a safe and secure manner. This ensures valuable technical resources stay focused on work that provides the most value, and stewards and business owners are able to take ownership of analytics within their domains.

Key Features
  • Easy implementation to get you up and running in as few as 2 weeks
  • Knowledge transfer is simple: 2 hours of training is all it takes and we provide robust documentation for your team
  • Take complete control of your data: easily implement changes in seconds and rollback to a previous setting setting at any time
  • View edit history of configuration points, including who made what changes and previous values for configuration points
  • Instantly view history of deployment differences to validate environments and find differences
Additional Notes
  • Prominence’s Configuration Console never removes data from your environments
  • Prominence’s Configuration Console supports all types of variables (string, integer, char, float, etc.) to ensure every potential configuration need can be accommodated
  • You can re-use existing metrics and dimensions from EDWs like Caboodle or HealtheIntent - no need to recreate the wheel in order to leverage metrics that work for you today
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