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Embed Tableau in your EMR System

Make data actionable by launching charts and workflows from embedded dashboards. In 30 days or less, we can integrate Tableau into the EMR at your organization, eliminating back-and-forth between your EMR and Tableau platforms.

Write-Back From Tableau Dashboards In Real-Time

View your data in Tableau and take action on it, all without leaving the platform. The Prominence Advisors team has a solution that allows the actions you take in Tableau to be written back to the database of your choice, all in real-time. Use this tool to:

  • Sign off on provider performance with electronic, automated reporting to nearly eliminate any chance of Joint Commission citation
  • Quickly and efficiently identify delinquent medical records
Advanced Tableau Visualizations

Senior UI Designer and Tableau Lead Ryan McMillin leads a demonstration on easy ways to upgrade your Tableau visualizations. In just 30 minutes, learn how the Prominence Advisors team is helping healthcare organizations do more with their data in Tableau.

Accelerate Your Analytics
Experience the power of rapid insights with Prominence's pre-built, customizable Accelerators. With over 45 ready-to-deploy analytics solutions, our Accelerators address reporting needs across all healthcare domains. Say goodbye to cumbersome development cycles and hello to value-driven solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows.
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Explore the Prominence Portal

Is your organization using multiple platforms to visualize your data? The Prominence Portal is your one-stop-shop for all of your organization's data visualization needs. Search content across multiple BI platforms in seconds, create custom reports and subscriptions, and maintain filter settings with sticky filters.

Empower your team with self-service analytics, all in one place - the Prominence Portal.

Unlock Your Data Governance Potential

Set your organization up for long-term, scalable success with a strong Data Governance foundation. Our team of experts has helped some of healthcare's largest organizations to align their people, processes, and technology, giving them 100% trust in their data.

Epic Implementations
Our team of Epic veterans, with an average of 10 years of experience and certifications in every module, is ready to lead your organization through your next Epic implementation.
Advanced Analytics: Do More With Your Data

From data lakehouses to visualization, our team of experts is prepared to take your organization’s analytics to the next level.

Explore our Analytics offerings today!

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