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Prominence has been named Best in KLAS 2023 for Technical Services!

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Customer & Partner Quotes
"Working with the Prominence project team has been absolutely critical to the success of our patient attribution project at Tampa General Hospital. The expertise in data management and governance has proven to be a key element of ensuring the project meets and exceeds targets. This has been a paradigm shift for TGH which would not have otherwise been possible."

Sherri Lewman, MHA, VP of Service Lines, Tampa General Hospital
“Prominence created a frictionless workflow to embed Tableau [within our EHR] and enable launching patient charts from those dashboards.”

Mike Berger, VP of Population Health, Mt. Sinai Health System
“We’re now making same-day decisions, saving over 2,000 hours per year vs our manual processes, and have 100% transparency into the data.”

Allison Lutz, VP Finance & Business Intelligence, Excela Health
“[Prominence] makes it easier to enable different levels of user access requests, and gave us a better way to generate user security audit logs, to share insights of who has access to what. So cool. PS - there were many other things I learned from you that were extraordinarily helpful!”

Thomas Bauer, Sr BI Developer, Mt. Sinai Health System
“Truly unique and outstanding work.  I don’t know of another healthcare system our size that has this kind of profile.  Multiple clinical implications for usage greatly reducing operational cost of obtaining data.  A real knowledge management tool.”

Dr. Tom Landholt, Medical Director Primary Care Process Engineering, Mercy
“I really look at your team helping us out with complex tasks/re-engineering, present processes, and rapid execution of unplanned high-value projects.  Your team helps me with the outside the box thinking I cannot get elsewhere.”

Dr. Binu Mathew, VP of Analytics, Mercy
Best in KLAS

Prominence Advisors has been named in Best in KLAS 2023 for Technical Services. Our Best in KLAS Services help organizations across the country utilize their data to make data-driven decisions. We combine data from multiple sources and bring it into real-time, allowing healthcare providers to do more with their data.  We’ve documented more than $720M+ in ROI with our customers, empowered hundreds of organizations with governed self-service analytics, and assisted organizations in achieving their strategic vision.

Our Best in KLAS award includes projects in the following areas: data migration/conversion, interfacing/integration, report writing, system design/build, and system testing. System design/build includes programming, database development, web portal design and implementation, hardware and network installations, interim database/network administrators, healthcare analytics technical work (such as installing a data warehouse/data mart), implementing an HIE, and setting up a security and privacy infrastructure.

What We Do

Prominence helps healthcare organizations do more with their data. Whether it’s guiding you through your EHR implementation, establishing Data Governance principals, or deploying governed self-service analytics, we have the products and expertise to help you succeed.

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