2024 Best in KLAS: HIT Staffing - Prominence
2024 Best in KLAS HIT Staffing

For the 2nd year in a row, Prominence Advisors is Best in KLAS. Work with the 2023 Best in KLAS Technical Services and 2024 Best in KLAS HIT Staffing organization!

Our staff remains committed to providing tangible value at healthcare organizations across the country. Your organization can benefit from working with the Best in KLAS - get in touch today to learn how.

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Best in KLAS HIT Staffing Services 2024

Work with the best - our Best in KLAS HIT Staffing services have allowed more than 20 of the top health systems across the country to level up their operations. Our staff is trained to assist your organization with a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Creative and functional problem-solving
  • Project management and post-implementation validation
  • Filling urgent staffing needs
  • Identifying further opportunities and enhancements for your organization's operations
  • Adding value to your projects
  • Epic strategy and implementation

Our team remains competitive, yet affordable: 100% of KLAS respondents indicated that they would buy our services again and 100% stated that we avoid charging for every little thing.

KLAS Reviews
"Prominence is the best vendor that I have ever worked with in my entire professional career. The vendor is always there to help. They don't nickel-and-dime me. In terms of expertise, Prominence knows what they are talking about, and they get things done quickly. I can't speak highly enough of the vendor."
- Analyst/Coordinator, July 2023
"Prominence went above and beyond in terms of the attention that they provided us. I have worked with plenty of other consulting agencies, and our contact at Prominence met with us on a routine basis to make sure things were going well. It was nice to know that we could reach out to our contact whenever we had any issues."
- Manager, June 2023
"Prominence is one of our tier-one firms. We hire Prominence for very specific things that I think have clear outcomes. Prominence always sends us the best candidates. Sometimes we interview people, and they are just not a cultural fit; that is just part of the business. But Prominence really tries to send us the best contractors that they can find. We can really rely on them for high-quality people."
- Director, September 2023
"Prominence’s strength is their consultants, and we have worked with several over the years. Prominence seems to be at the top of their game. Many of Prominence’s consultants started their careers at Epic and have an extremely strong knowledge of Epic's system. Prominence's people have been able to answer questions faster than my Epic technical services people. I realize that there is a different level of experience, but I have worked with other consulting companies where a consultant came in almost like a new employee, and we had to train them. However, the Prominence consultants require very little hand-holding.We give the Prominence consultants something to do, and they figure it out and produce it quickly. On top of that, I have utilized Prominence consultants to help me with strategic questions that I have had, such as questions on the best way to set up the system. That is what sets Prominence apart. There aren’t any weaknesses for Prominence. Prominence is way above everyone else."
- Manager, December 2023
"Prominence is pretty good at minimizing the logistical details needed from their clients. The firm prepares things beforehand and finds the best, most specific project manager for their clients."
- Director, October 2023
"My colleague had worked with Prominence before and had a great experience with Prominence, so we went with them. Prominence would be my go-to firm again. I am very grateful to them for helping get us out of a jam, and we will use them again in the future."
- Director, October 2023
"The leadership team was terrific. We had regular check-ins with them to keep tabs on how things were going and whether there were other places where they could be helpful. The firm helped us with some advice we needed. I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't sure they would even know about a challenge we had, but they brought a ton of content knowledge to the table and were able to quickly understand what challenges we were trying to solve and where we were trying to head. They shared some examples of work they have done with other clients, and that was awesome. It was great to have a firm that understood our strategy and what we were going through and that constantly offered feedback and additional solutions. The leadership team was forthcoming, and I appreciated that. They were so friendly, helpful, and willing to share. They also didn't nickel-and-dime us, and that was nice. I learned a lot from the firm. They were great to work with. I would work with them again."
- Director, October 2023
"The execution is good. I have only gotten very positive reviews from the consultants on my team. With any problems that I have thrown at the consultants directly, the consultants have always exceeded my expectations, and they have come back with typically one or two additional pieces of information for me to consider and take back to the operations team as needed. The Prominence consultants have come in and really pushed our operations forward to best practices by redesigning work queues and bringing in new operational recommendations above and beyond system configuration."
- Director, December 2023
"Prominence is always the first consulting group that I go to and reach out to for resources. Sometimes they have consultants on the bench, and sometimes they don't, but they are my go-to consulting group whenever I have a need." - Director, December 2023
"Prominence is very strategic. They are staffed with several experienced employees, so they understand the industry. They can see a little ahead of the curve in terms of what is coming down the pike in healthcare, IT, and operations." - Director, December 2023
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We're proud to be named Best in KLAS for a second year!

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Our Best in KLAS Services help organizations across the country utilize their data to make data-driven decisions. We combine data from multiple sources and bring it into real-time, allowing large healthcare providers to do more with their data. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars, empowered hundreds of financial leaders with governed self-service analytics, and built trust in data.

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KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted.

Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest, and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance.

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