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Our customers are doing amazing things with their data and systems. Our team does everything they can to move mountains and do great work to help them better serve their patients and their teams. These webinars highlight the amazing things we do together day in and day out.

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Upcoming Live Basecamp Event: Grady Health: Consolidation of BI Tools to Tableau for Streamlined Analytics

6/6, 12pm CT

Discover how Grady Health achieved a successful analytics tool transition from Qlik and Power BI to Tableau, along with automating data pipelines. This transition eliminated inefficient manual data preparation steps, paving the way for a more streamlined and data-driven culture.

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Basecamp Event: UCSF: Finding Call Center Success via Actionable Tableau Dashboards

UCSF’s Rick Seefeldt joins us to discuss how their partnership with Prominence Advisors resulted in a Call Center dashboard that led to a 300% increase in answered call rate in about 6 months. Understand key successes, lessons learned, and how Prominence Advisors can empower your organization with data-driven decision-making.

Basecamp Event: A Guide to BI Tool Consolidation & Conversions
Streamlining your technology vendor list is a great way to improve data access, save money on software licensing, and maximize your team’s ability to deliver by focusing their energy and expertise across fewer tools. Gain insights from our team as we explore the “Why,” “What,” and “How” behind BI tool conversions and how it can positively impact your organization. Develop a deeper understanding of:
  • Roles and responsibilities in the conversion process
  • Effective scoping strategies for tool conversions
  • Methods for quantifying effort and resources required
  • Strategies for maximizing efficiency with Prominence Advisors
  • Real-world case studies illustrating successful BI Tool Conversions
Prominence + UKHC: Epic Data Strategy and Tableau Integration via Unified Analytics Catalog

Watch the University of Kentucky HealthCare’s Chris Burton as he discusses their approach to maximizing investments in multiple analytics tools, minimizing technical overhead, and integrating 3rd party analytics into Epic to streamline clinicians’ access to data via a unified analytics catalog.

Previous Basecamp Event: Data Governance Technology 101
Understand the basics of Data Governance technologies, including: 
  • Why healthcare organizations choose to leverage Data Governance technologies
  • Questions to ask about capabilities your organization needs 
  • Assessing your Data Governance needs now vs. later
  • How your organization can maximize your Data Governance investment
Previous Basecamp Event: The Road to HIMSS Stage 7

During this Basecamp Event, Erica Sagan and Angela Giddens lead a discussion on the path to Analytics Maturity with a panel from UC Davis, including:

  • Aligning your organization's strategy and goals with a framework
  • Developing a roadmap to Analytics Maturity according to the framework you've chosen
  • Executing your organization's roadmap
  • Evaluating and determining next steps on your Analytics journey
  • Live Q&A and discussion with the University of California, Davis, Team

Dip Into Data Lakes: An Executive Overview

In the first Prominence Basecamp event, VP of Engineering Selah Ben-Haim explains the importance of Data Lakes and Data Lakehouses, including:

  • Data lake & lakehouse history
  • Common terminology used in data lake decision-making for healthcare organizations
  • Deployment options
  • Querying across structured and unstructured data
  • AI & Machine Learning Data Science use cases in healthcare
  • Q&A with attendees

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Providence: Identify PII with Your Data Catalog

Aaron Bakker and Kristy Zirngible discuss how the tenets of data governance and data classification have driven tangible business value at Providence. Watch this webinar to see how the Providence team was able to use their Data Governance tools to identify sensitive information in their organization, resulting in:

  • Locate PII in their data lake with improved accuracy and confidence
  • Translate the value of the data catalog through operationalizing privacy and security policies
Preventing Leakage

During the COVID pandemic healthcare patient volumes fell by more than 50%. Prominence Advisors has created pre-built customizable analytics that empower your organization to maximize patient acquisition, minimize patient leakage, and improve patient care. Watch this webinar and live demonstration to:

  • Enable your team to find and retain existing patients
  • Maximize new patient acquisition
  • Leverage data from multiple sources in one dashboard
  • Seamlessly drive workflows through an embedded analytics solution
UCSF Financial KPI

Watch this webinar where UCSF discusses their journey to launch the first enterprise Tableau application at UCSF. During this webinar, you will learn how UCSF Audit and Advisory Services drove adoption and leverages their Financial Management Dashboard to:

  • Identify and promote proactive management of key financial risk and compliance metrics
  • Consolidate efforts across Campus units to support consistent financial and risk monitoring
  • Shift from periodic review to continuous self-service
Maximizing Revenue Opportunity with HCC and RAF Analytics

Watch this webinar where Greg Cook, a revenue cycle veteran of 15+ years, discusses actionable analytics for monitoring HCC and RAF and provides a live demonstration showcasing how data will:

  • Ensure accurate documentation for maximum reimbursement
  • Deliver provider and patient-level insights
  • Highlight opportunities to improve coding for more predictable revenue
Vaccine Management

Join us as we discuss the upcoming COVID vaccines and how we're helping health systems prepare for vaccinating staff, patients, and engaging their populations. In this webinar we explore how analytics can:

  • Ensure vaccine compliance amongst staff and patients
  • Track population health outcomes and vaccination rates
  • Enable clinicians and administrators to engage populations for vaccination
Texas Children's Hospital

Managing Care Through Analytics During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Learn how Dr. Achuff and her team:

  • Changed critical processes using analytics
  • Used analytics to prioritize patient care
  • Linked analytics to patient monitoring systems to drive action
Service Line Reactivation

Watch a brief demonstration of our Service Line Reactivation dashboard. During this 2 minute demo you will see:

  • EHR and CRM integration to drive frictionless action from the dashboard
  • Unified data from EHR, supply chain, and finance
  • Patient scoring to prioritize care and engagement
Excela Health

Simplifying Critical Operations Through Analytics - Learn how Allison Lutz, VP of Finance and Business Intelligence

  • Transitioned to same-day decision making
  • Eliminated nearly 100% of ad-hoc report requests with self-service
  • Achieved 100% ROI in less than 12 months
  • Met the demand for advanced analytics
UCSF Medical Center

Zero Harm - Learn how Sandra Stall, Director of Enterprise Analytics and her team:

  • Establish standard data definitions and calculations to reduce variability between units
  • Improvement in data quality & integrity comes through enhanced data collection, review & maintenance process
  • Drive change in clinical practice based on trusted information
Sepsis Machine Learning

With the right data, predictive models, and prioritized lists of patients, interventions can be delivered at the right time to maximize successful outcomes and reduce costs of complex clinical challenges, like Sepsis.

During this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The value of a unified analytics platform for ETL and data science
  • How to improve large-scale data processing by 10-15x
  • Machine learning models for infection prediction and prevention
  • Live demo a Sepsis prediction engine
New York University Langone Medical

Driving a Culture of Accountability and Performance - Learn how Jeff Shein, Sr. Director of Data Warehousing & Analytics,

  • Empowers colleagues to act using data
  • Embeds Tableau in Epic for seamless transition from data to workflow
  • Manage leadership and staff to KPIs
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