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Our customers are doing amazing things with their data and systems. Our team does everything they can to move mountains and do great work to help them better serve their patients and their teams. These webinars highlight the amazing things we do together day in and day out.

Vaccine Management

Join us as we discuss the upcoming COVID vaccines and how we're helping health systems prepare for vaccinating staff, patients, and engaging their populations. In this webinar we explore how analytics can:

  • Ensure vaccine compliance amongst staff and patients
  • Track population health outcomes and vaccination rates
  • Enable clinicians and administrators to engage populations for vaccination
Texas Children's Hospital

Managing Care Through Analytics During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Learn how Dr. Achuff and her team:

  • Changed critical processes using analytics
  • Used analytics to prioritize patient care
  • Linked analytics to patient monitoring systems to drive action
Excela Health

Simplifying Critical Operations Through Analytics - Learn how Allison Lutz, VP of Finance and Business Intelligence

  • Transitioned to same-day decision making
  • Eliminated nearly 100% of ad-hoc report requests with self-service
  • Achieved 100% ROI in less than 12 months
  • Met the demand for advanced analytics
UCSF Medical Center

Zero Harm - Learn how Sandra Stall, Director of Enterprise Analytics and her team:

  • Establish standard data definitions and calculations to reduce variability between units
  • Improvement in data quality & integrity comes through enhanced data collection, review & maintenance process
  • Drive change in clinical practice based on trusted information
New York University Langone Medical

Driving a Culture of Accountability and Performance - Learn how Jeff Shein, Sr. Director of Data Warehousing & Analytics,

  • Empowers colleagues to act using data
  • Embeds Tableau in Epic for seamless transition from data to workflow
  • Manage leadership and staff to KPIs
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