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Prominence has always been dedicated to helping healthcare organizations do more with their data. During this trying time, we know we need to support, inform and assist our partners as much as we possibly can.

This is why we're making available numerous resources free of charge and making all of our engagement models as flexible as possible. To learn more about what we're offering, click the links below or contact us directly by completing the form below.

Vaccine Management

Accelerate your ability to manage vaccine distribution and compliance.

  • EHR, supply chain, employee health, and public health data all in one view.
  • Embed within EHR or CRM to drive action
  • Launch in a matter of weeks to provide maximum impact
Service Line Reactivation

Quickly stabilize and reactivate services and revenue.

  • Algorithms prioritize patients to re-engage
  • Bi-directional EHR and CRM integration
  • Automated alerts and email summaries
Tracking & Tracing

Track and trace COVID infections throughout your system and manage staff exposure.

  • Track all staff interactions with COVID positive patients
  • Track all test results and compare to state & national data
  • Monitor utilization of telehealth and in person services
COVID Glossary

Guarantee the integrity of your COVID data and build trust in your analytics products.

  • Manage COVID definitions from a central toolset
  • Expand or enhance governance processes
  • 25 free consulting hours from Prominence
Epic Services

Prominence leads KLAS' rankings for Epic services and our team members have supported hundreds of Epic customers.

  • 100% exceeds expectations
  • 100% would buy again
  • 100% does not nickel-and-dime
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COVID Resources

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