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Prominence is offering all COVID Analytics Accelerators at no cost to healthcare provider organizations as they combat the rise in cases from the Delta variant.

Our team has always been dedicated to helping healthcare organizations do more with their data. During this trying time, we know we need to support, inform, and assist our partners as much as we possibly can.

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Vaccine & Testing Management

Accelerate your ability to manage vaccine distribution and compliance.

  • Combine data from EHR, supply chain, employee health, and public health into one view
  • Embed within EHR or CRM to drive workflow and improve outcomes
  • Include testing information for unvaccinated staff to ensure safety and regular testing
  • Launch in as few as four weeks and leverage real-time data from key systems
Service Line Reactivation

Managing services to ensure patients receive timely care and screenings is critically important. Prominence's Accelerator:

  • Leverages algorithms to prioritize patient engagement activities
  • Tracks care gaps and contract requirements to prevent lapses
  • Provides bi-directional integration with EHRs and CRMs
  • Reduces risk of patient leakage while increasing patient acquisition
Tracking & Tracing

Track and trace COVID infections throughout your system and population to manage hotspots and reduce risk.

  • Track COVID positive patients throughout your system
  • Trace all staff interactions with COVID positive patients
  • Track all test results and compare to state & national data
  • Monitor utilization of telehealth and in person services to maintain care and safety
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