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Tame Wild Data

Prominence was founded by Former Epic Leaders, so we understand how hard it is to freely leverage Epic data and combine it with data from other systems.  We also understand that Healthcare organizations today have data coming from more sources than ever before. Its critical to make obtaining this data easy, configurable, and scalable so you can create governed self-service analytics.

That’s why we’ve created the Prominence Extraction Console to address these challenges; Prominence’s Extraction Console is a code-free solution that allows you to incrementally extract data from Epic and any other database; while enabling governance over those extractions to ensure you’re only extracting data once. Simply connect to a source database, specify the data you’d like to extract, and set your schedule for recurring refreshes.

Extract Any Data
Prominence’s Extraction Console automates key tasks to eliminate errors caused by 'copy-paste coding' and repetitive, rote work. Specifically, it automates:
  • Writing extraction code and delivering to your servers to run
  • Using incremental extraction logic wherever possible
  • Executing refreshes of extraction on set schedules you determine
Key Features
  • Easy implementation to get you up and running in as few as 2 weeks
  • Knowledge transfer is simple: 2 hours of training is all it takes and we provide robust documentation for your team
  • Take complete control of your data: easily implement changes in seconds and rollback to a previous setting setting at any time
  • View edit history of extraction tasks, including who made what changes and when Rollback to a previous task state
  • Instantly view history of deployment differences to validate environments and find differences
Additional Notes
  • Prominence’s Extraction Console never removes data from your environments
  • Prominence’s Extraction Console supports custom SQL for data extractions to ensure every potential data need can be accommodated
  • Prominence has experience working with data from more than 60 different sources at more than 80 healthcare organizations across the nation
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