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BI Platform Write-Back

Write-back to your data table from your visualization platform . Reduce time spent going back-and-forth and practically eliminate the risk of penalty.

Write-Back From Your Dashboards to Your Database in Real-Time
Take action from your visualization platform. View your data in your chosen visualization platform and take action on it, all within the platform. The Prominence Advisors team has a solution that allows the actions you take in your visualization platform to be written back to the database of your choice, all in real-time.
Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation - Sign Off with Ease

Enable your team to easily and efficiently sign off on provider performance with a fully migrated OPPE. Move  from paper to electronic, automated reporting, saving thousands of man hours and nearly eliminating any chance of Joint Commission citation.

Update providers' statuses and add notes within the visualization platform, eliminating the back-and-forth that wastes so much time.

Allow your Quality and Medical Staff Teams to monitor compliance and follow up with overseers who haven't performed their sign off.

Nearly eliminate the risk of penalty from The Joint Commission by empowering your team with actionable data, all in one place. 

Save $1M Annually with Incore AI
Earn a significant ROI of $1M per year on average with this application. Supercharge your organization's capabilities with this Machine Learning model, which enables you to write-back to your data tables from your visualization platform.
Identify Delinquent Medical Records Quickly and Efficiently
Streamline your processes and reduce the time spent on documentation with this application. Instead of going back-and-forth between multiple applications, identify and take action on delinquent medical records in your visualization platform.
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