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Enterprise Data Catalog

One place to view all reports and dashboards at your organization.

Automate cataloging reports from Epic, Cerner, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Crystal, or dozens of other systems.

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Fix Reporting Choas
You have dozens of reporting options in your EHR alone. Searching one-off libraries in each different system drives your consumers crazy by wasting hours of their day and erodes their confidence in analytics when they find duplicate reports and dashboards. But there's a better way...
Enterprise Data Catalog

Prominence automates scans of your report libraries in the EHR and ancillary tools to create an enterprise report catalog with Informatica. This ensures:

  • Consumers can easily find trusted content, regardless of system
  • Admins can quickly see what content is being used
  • Staff can see lineage for context
  • Developers can view upgrade / change impacts
  • Content is governed and proliferation is prevented
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