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Capacity Management

Optimize your throughput management with Prominence's Accelerators and real-time data via the Prominence Platform.

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Increase Throughput Management with Real-Time Data

Prominence’s Accelerators provide some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country with solutions for their most common problems. Increase efficiency and access your data in real-time with Prominence.

Emergency Medicine

Understand ED throughput and instantly access more than 130 best practice metrics to understand throughput, admissions, and more in a one-stop shop that can rapidly provide ROI like:

  • $500,000 in preventable supply costs recovered
  • 80 static, disparate reports become self-service analytics
  • 2,300 hours saved per year by automating pipelines
OR Utilization

Deliver actionable information directly into the hands of decision-makers. Maintain and optimize your utilization information with complete transparency, earning:

  • $10M+ additional revenue opportunity per facility
  • 10% increase in block and room utilization
  • 2,000+ hours of manual work eliminated each year
Command Center

Bring your data into real-time, accessing KPIs like:

  • Discharges before noon
  • ED throughput
  • Waiting on - labs, providers, transfers, etc.

Optimize your inpatient throughput in real-time with the Command Center Accelerator.

Leverage Data From Any Source in Real Time
The Prominence Platform allows healthcare organizations nationwide to access data from any source in real-time.   Our no-code solution frees organizations from data silos by automating data pipelines, all while increasing security and governance. Empower your team to develop & deliver solutions 4x faster.
Prominence Accelerators
50+ field-proven healthcare data models to accelerate your organization’s ability to achieve your strategic data goals.
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