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Building on our Foundation08/19/2019
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Our team boasts years of experience working at Epic. In reflecting recently on our company culture, we couldn’t help but think about the relationship between our Epic experiences and the impact they’ve had on how we build and develop our company and our team at Prominence.

Experience #1: Solving brand-new challenges

Sometimes driven by the combination of applications or the fast timeline and sometimes by the innovative opportunity a major system transition afforded, the experience of working on a project team at Epic brought us all the opportunity to solve challenges that no one else had tackled before. Bringing in the experts, articulating the pros and cons, and helping our customers make the best choices were skills we honed during each role.

At Prominence, our innovative, big-picture approach to healthcare and our ability to embrace cutting edge technologies means that our clients bring challenges to us that no one has yet solved. We love the chance to take our experiences solving healthcare problems to the next level, supported by our three nodes of business (Analytics, Deployment, and Strategy).

Experience #2: A trusted team

In his recent book, Messy, Tim Harford discusses the value of overcoming a challenge in building a collaborative and cooperative team, and that such a team is instrumental in creative problem-solving. At Epic, the best customer projects were those with team bonds forged from the heat and pressure of a difficult and complex project.

At Prominence, we value the power of collaboration in solving challenges. We bring our team together in different ways throughout a given month to seek patterns in our struggles and to gather ideas from our peers. This benefits our team, our productivity, and our clients.

Experience #3: Rooted growth

After about 5 years focused in an application at Epic, the questions started to feel familiar, and the remaining depth of expertise to build diminished with each year. This wasn’t necessarily bad – it can be very valuable for a client to know that someone’s seen the ten ways this problem has gone recently. It can, however, feel stifling.

At Prominence, there are many ways our work feels rooted in familiar things… we’re engaging healthcare organizations to understand and tackle their problems, while staying on time and on budget. But as our roots stabilize us, our branches are truly able to spread further than any of us would have considered while we were in our Epic-based roles. The perspective of our strategy team, the adaptability and leadership prowess on our deployment team, and the interpretive power of our analytics services allow each person at Prominence a robust Choose-Your-Own-Adventure opportunity that is unparalleled in consulting services.

Coming Together

Because these environments are so perfectly matched to someone who has weathered a career at Epic, we’ve dovetailed the next generation of healthcare technology opportunities with the rich understanding of healthcare systems and complex project management held by the folks we loved working with at Epic.

Interested in joining the team?

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