Your EMR implementation is one of the single biggest investments you’ll make, so you shouldn’t embark on that journey alone. 85% of our staff are former employees of the nation’s leading EMR vendors, so we have a deep understanding of what it takes to implement, optimize, and support your EMR.
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The Prominence Difference

Your goal is to improve patient care. Our goal is to help you utilize technology to improve care efficiently. Prominence brings the experience you need to help you move confidently forward.

We provide the perfect resource to fill in the gaps in your team so you can maintain focus where it needs to be — technological solutions with patient needs at the core.

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Quality Guarantee

At Prominence, we pride ourselves on having the best and brightest staff in the industry who have earned us numerous awards nationally. We believe so much in our staff and our ability to properly align our talent with our client’s needs that we will GUARANTEE our Deployment work providing our clients with a risk-free trial of our advisors.

Types of Deployment Engagements

We take pride in understanding the needs and requirements for our clients, and we develop each Deployment engagement based on your priorities and goals. Our projects are as varied as the organizations we serve, focused in areas such as:

Experienced Analysts and Project Managers

From implementations to optimization projects to upgrades, we work with you to consider both key integration points and future direction as we work side-by-side throughout your projects.

"She is the real star here. It’d be just great if every new interface came with such a clear vision of the desired end state, and even half as much enthusiasm for getting things done. She’s a pleasure to work with, 10/10." - Kevin, Interface Team, Centura Health

“Prominence helped us with our implementation planning. They helped us look at what our goals for the application were and helped us see which ones were achievable. They advised us on what our expectations should be." - Director KLAS

Interim Leadership

Instead of getting sidelined by staff transition, stay on pace for your goals with our expert advisors, while you find the best long-term fit.

"When the Prominence consultants are given a task, they don’t just take the instructions at face value and deliver only what is asked for. They think about the task and think about options. They take into account whether the task is really the best thing based on their knowledge and previous experience. If they can think of some other approaches to the problem, they bring those forward." - Director KLAS

Go-Live Support Teams

Our team is here to ensure you and your staff have a plan in place for a successful go-live strategy. Our advisors have strong foundations and rich history working with clients on conversion and cutover, support resource training, workflow dress rehearsals, command center staffing and scheduling, and at-the-elbow support.

“We could not have met the deadline or have experienced a relatively smooth go-live without his due diligence, hard work, attention to detail and swift response.”

“I have never had another company work as hard as Prominence has worked. We ended our project with them recently, and we haven't started another one yet. But we are very satisfied with Prominence, so I guarantee that we will go with Prominence again when another project comes up.”

Business Intelligence Advisors

The transition from a reporting team to an analytics team takes a balance of technical understanding, process development, and management. Spanning SQL, Qlik, Caboodle, Clarity, Crystal, Reporting Workbench, Radar and Tableau, our experts ensure your team is using the latest best practices and tools to turn your analytics projects into scalable, repeatable successes.

"I am one of Prominence’s biggest fans. We are coming off of a short-term project with them and will soon enter into a long-term project. I just can’t imagine not working with them. Prominence makes me look good. They make me look like I know what I am doing, and there isn't anything more I can ask for." - Analyst/Coordinator KLAS

Community Extensions

Extending Epic to your community, affiliated or clinical integrated network requires a combination of deep Epic knowledge and strategic understanding of the relationship impacts of sharing software and support services. We can work with you throughout the extension lifecycle, whether it is framing a proposal, building relationships, managing system configuration, or helping optimize post implementation workflows.

“…Integral in helping us at a critical point in our project. …He greatly exceeded our expectations doing the work of at least four people - including helping to resolve issues we didn't even know were issues yet… He goes above and beyond to ensure our success and we wouldn't be where we are today without him.”

Intelligent Optimization

Prominence provides evidenced based EHR optimization by leveraging analytic tools to provide comprehensive reviews and recommendations for improvement of EHR system build and support processes. Let Prominence ensure your staff have all of the processes in place around building and optimizing to provide a strong foundation for data integrity and empower your project teams to do more in less time.

“I am super impressed with Prominence. They are always developing better ways to do things. They are always innovating new tools to help improve their processes.”


Let Prominence assist your organization with the ownership of training your staff. From curriculum planning to development and MST build to classroom or one-on-one sessions, our group of adult education professionals will ensure your staff is able to make the most of your system. Prominence’s team of training managers, principle trainers, credential trainers, and at the elbow staff will ensure your teams have the confidence and knowledge they need to adequately use each of your organization’s tools.

“Prominence always exceeds my expectations. They go above and beyond what they promise us in the beginning of our engagement, and they stick with us until everything is done. There is really nothing else to say.”

We Believe
EMR success is rooted in the quality of your advisors
A strong and capable IT team enables better patient care
Advanced insights allow you to intelligently optimize your EMR
True change can only be achieved by speaking the same language
Clinicians and administrators should be able to trust and act upon their data
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