Advanced Analytics
Our platform is a catalyst to enabling governed, self-service analytics within your healthcare system. It enables you to easily combine, harmonize, govern, model, analyze, and visualize healthcare data from EMR and non-EMR data sources.
The Prominence Difference
Types of Engagement
We Believe
The Prominence Difference

The complexity of the data you need to understand your patients, your providers, and your business increases each day. Accelerate the deployment of your analytics platforms with Prominence’s seasoned experts. Whether you need help developing world-class visualizations and data stories, a robust data preparation platform, or just a data expert on call, Prominence has the expert you need to ensure your success.

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Quality Guarantee

At Prominence, we pride ourselves on having the best and brightest staff in the industry who have earned us numerous awards nationally. We believe so much in our staff and our ability to properly align our talent with our client’s needs that we will GUARANTEE our analytics work.

Types of Analytic Engagements

We take pride in understanding the needs and requirements for our clients, and we develop each analytics engagement based on your priorities and goals. Our projects are as varied as the organizations we serve, focused in areas such as:


Our library of more than three dozen accelerator templates can get you up and running on advanced, actionable analytics in as few as 30 days. With analytics for every domain area, our accelerator templates can make an immediate positive impact on how you manage your patient operations.

“One of the best pieces of medical reporting software I’ve ever seen.” - Steven Chaisson, LSU

"Hospital Acquired Infections is our first application, our first experience with Qlik. So, we decided to partner with them [Prominence Advisors], and I think this is one of the best decisions we could have done, because not only are they helping us with the application, they were able to provide the foundational project plan, the development process, an implementation timeline, and some best practices. They’ve really been true partners, and it’s been a great working relationship to get their expertise and knowledge and guidance every step of this project.” -Colleen Higgins, Manager, Lee Health

Tableau & Qlik Expertise

We work with premier business intelligence platforms to help you scale self-service, enable governance, and drive positive change through actionable analytics. As a preferred implementation partner for both Tableau and QIik, our team of experts work with you to align our deep knowledge of the Data Integrationprocess, breadth of applications and data governance expertise to meet your data-driven goals.

“…absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed working with her and her guidance was key in making the ED application as successful as it was.”

“…the perfect project manager – she is technical, she understands UI, she understands our strategy, she helps us scope projects, and she helps us manage the expectations of our end users. I have confidence that we’ll be successful with her.”

Enterprise Analytics Framework

Our framework is a source-agnostic, data integration solution. Our Enterprise Analytics Framework
tackles the complexity of managing and governing data with a set of tools and processes designed to be flexible, scalable and governable. It is designed to blend data any source, transform it within an architecture optimized for scalability, maintenance and governance, and deliver modeled and governed data to any other system for storage, visualization or consumption.

“Thank you to Prominence for the great work they did on our framework project. The team did a fantastic job, and were very accommodating for our requests. My team will look for new opportunities to collaborate with Prominence in the future.” – Russell James, Manager, Trillium Health

Custom Support Package

Prominence’s analytics experts are familiar with a multitude of tools, reporting platforms, and development methodologies. Use our ongoing support engagements to pull in the resource you need - whether that’s a visualization expert, a data modeling expert, or a senior project manager - when you need them, on a month-to-month basis with rollover hours (for those months you don’t quite use all of your support hours).

“Prominence never really stops providing advisory services. Even when they are doing the technical building, they continue to advise us during our weekly meetings with staff. They help us rebuild things if there is a better way to do something.” – Analyst/Coordinator KLAS

Scalable, Sustainable, Actionable and Governable Analytics

We are more than your typical partner. We have a unique skill set of combined experience across server configuration, ETL, visualization and analytics centers of excellence. Through this experiences, we have developed a toolbox of analytics best practice enablers that allow for scalable, sustainable, actionable and governable analytics: Extract monitor, governance dashboard, and database validator.

“Truly unique and outstanding package. I don’t know of another healthcare system our size that has this kind of profile. Multiple clinical implications for usage greatly reducing operational cost of obtaining data. A real knowledge management tool.” – Tom Landholt, MD, Medical Director Primary Care Process Engineering, Mercy Health System

Pre-built and Custom Solutions to Address Your Needs
Our library of healthcare analytics solutions can get you up and running on advanced, actionable analytics in as few as 30 days. With analytics solutions that run the gamut including inpatient, outpatient, revenue, access, quality management, and the executive suite, our healthcare accelerator templates translate into positive, data-driven decisions and outcomes for your patients, providers, and operations.
Executive Analytics

Volumes, clinical performance and revenue cycle
anagement are all integral components of a hospital executive’s responsibilities. See a high-level overview and trending statistics for KPIs such as admission volumes and ED capacity.


Combine data from your EHR, ERP, time & attendance, and payroll systems, and analyze critical information about your labor force, including hours worked, overtime, and salary by period. Manage your labor costs for staff and establish benchmarks to investigate outliers and improve processes.

Patient Experience & Satisfaction

By combining key patient survey data with information from their hospital and clinic encounters, gain critical insight into your patients’ experience. Dive into individual question responses to identify trends within your visits and compare quality of service across the organization.

ACO Scorecard

Monitor your key ACO measures and KPIs, such as patient experience, patient safety, preventative health, and at-risk populations. Understand your ACO’s performance by payor group, practice, and physician, and quickly identify areas for improvement and take targeted action based on sound data.

Readmission Review

Easily analyze common causes for readmission using the industry standard CMS definitions. Inform quality improvement efforts focused on the care of your admitted patients and improvements to discharge planning and follow-up care.

Discharge Summary

Gain insight into your discharge timing and trend across units and providers. Improve percentage of discharges completed before noon and improve discharge planning turnaround time.

Performance & Efficiency Analytics
Metric Management

Standardize metric definitions and increase reusability across your enterprise applications. Centralize definitions and metadata while understanding metric overlap between applications and analyzing the impact of a change to a definition.

Reporting Toolbox

As data storage, consumption, and dissemination options increase, so does the need to align the right tool with a consumer need. Facilitate the alignment of data demands with your organization’s offerings to accomplish small requests quickly, maintaining staff allocation for larger projects.

Research Analytics
De-identified Cohort Creation & Characterization

Researchers and their teams can quickly examine their populations for specific cohorts through access to relevant de-identified data. Once a cohort has been approved, a re-identification tool generates the real patient information for the researcher’s cohort

Grants, Proposals & Awards

Capture information regarding the research proposals your organization is submitting for grands and awards. Facilitate the developing and writing of new proposals and track their status through the application cycle.

Custom Database Visualization

Many organizations have units or researchers with very specific data visualization needs, and we have extensive knowledge in working with custom databases and creating bespoke visualization solutions on top of that data. Whether it’s a database residing under a desk, or the need to amalgamate information from dozens of different databases, we have the experience and expertise necessary to create powerful analytics solutions on top of any dataset.

Quality Analytics
Quality Measures

Track key quality metrics across your organization on a regular basis and monitor performance relative to targets. Quickly identify areas for improvement to workflow, documentation or patient care.

CDC Line Day Tracking & Reporting

Analyze infection rates at your organization, specific to each unit, age, sex, ethnicity and patient class. Our development team can help automate the tracking and reporting of key metrics to outside agencies such as the CDC.

Population Health

Combine information from payers, EHRs, and other data sources to view and compare financials, demographics, diagnoses, and more across any dimension. Your population health managers and executives will be able to identify the most and least cost-effective locations and providers, and quickly identify at-risk populations for follow-up.

Access & Revenue Analytics
Revenue Cycle Management: Professional, Hospital, or SBO

Identify where you spend the highest effort to fix errors and speed up the revenue cycle. With a scorecard to help you track goal progress, a warning system to identify variances, and the ability to mine the data for ad-hoc exploration, reduce the cost of billing and improve your revenue cycle

Finance KPI Dashboard

Review financial, revenue, cost, and payor mix metrics monthly. By providing a comprehensive view of key metrics broken down by hospital and physician practices, service lines, and cost centers, you have a complete view of your financial performance and your trends over time.

Case Management

Coordinating care for your patients requires careful planning and administration of treatments across a variety of roles in your organization. Give case managers the information they need to assess, plan and evaluate results for your patients to both improve continuity and quality of care and lower costs.

Daily Revenue Tracker

Even the most progressive organizations sacrifice significant dollars every day to late and lost charges. Ensure you are capturing all charges within your organization by proactively identifying anomalies, reconciling billed charges, and reducing lost revenue.

Physician Collections

Patients are expected to pay more and more of their healthcare costs out of pocket in the forms of co-insurance, deductibles and copays. Tracking changes in patient benefits and understanding your collections workflows will help you improve self-pay collections.

Schedule Utilization

To properly staff a clinic or outpatient department, you must understand the visit volumes and visit types by provider. Understand utilization patterns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and bring insight to clinic staffing decisions.

Payor Performance

Bridge the gap between your electronic health record and other 3rdparty information available, including payer files and regional or national population information. Explore your patient population data and compare your patients against regional and industry benchmarks and analyze patient and cost trends over time.

Bundled Payments

Entering into payment arrangements that include financial and performance accountability for episodes of care can be challenging. Understand the success of case management, patient education and coordination of care through a daily view of patient EMR data, billing and claims data, and manage implementation efforts, costs at-risk patients.

Clinical Analytics
Surgical Services

Improve utilization and efficiency throughout your surgical suites and reduce costs while increasing volume. Slice utilization statistics by surgeon, service, block, room, or group to understand exactly how you spend your time.

Emergency Medicine

Provide insight to ED leadership on quality indicators for trauma, cardiac and stroke and how long it takes to order and result ancillary services. Gain clarity into throughput times, analyze your fallouts, and improve protocols and patient care.

Sepsis Monitoring & Tracking

With a deeper understanding of Sepsis timing, diagnosis and treatment, pinpoint and track impactful improvements to Sepsis prevention. With real-time leading indicators and the ability to further analyze false positives, continue improving Sepsis management to facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Imaging & Radiology

Radiology departments measure the efficiency of myriad processes in the Imaging Order Lifecycle. From ordering to performing to reading and resulting to billing, manage bottlenecks anywhere in the process and improve your imaging efficiency.

Patient Locator

Knowing the occupancy of a unit and the timing for patient admissions is key to appropriately providing patient care. Understanding the patient’s flow during their stay can also help you investigate how to improve patient care, work-flows and policies. The Patient Locator applications provides you two views to patient location information. First you can use the application to investigate unit-specific levels at every hour of the day as well as admissions totals by provider for each hour. Second, you can use the Patient Locator application to track the patient’s location throughout their hospital stay. This application can help optimize your patient tracking and processing of patients through your inpatient units.

Nurse Scorecard

Nurses spend more time with patients than do any other healthcare providers. Therefore, improvements in patient safety can be achieved by improving nurse performance. This application provides a unit and nurse-specific score card to see how any metrics have passed and failed and to see the adherence to measures trending over time. From there you can see the specific patient encounters that correspond to your selection.

Physician Scorecard

Consolidate physician-specific metrics into a single application. You see patient care related metrics such as core measures compliance, patient satisfaction, encounter details, length of stay and financial performance specific to a provider’s encounters and admissions.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Documenting a patient encounter accurately improves compliance and reimbursement, but it also takes a careful review of the chart and a keen understanding of coding requirements. Bring insight to the top challenges in documentation to help clinicians improve accuracy and resolve remaining documentation issues quickly.

Resident & Fellow Management

Monitor the experience gained by each resident and fellow through consolidating all of the clinical activity, quality measures, and performance measures of your organization's residents. Enable administrative and physician leadership staff to evaluate the overall performance and effectiveness of your residents and share
information directly to residents to satisfy ACGME initiatives.

We Believe
You should have access to your data
Data should be presented in a way that is easy to understand
Complex calculations and transformations of your data should be completed quickly
Critical insights are achieved when you can combine data from multiple systems
Curated Self Service is driven through a combination of Governance and technology
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