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Prominence’s First In-Person Data Governance Roundtable: Finding Strategic Success03/14/2024
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For the past 5 years, our Data Governance Roundtable has brought leaders from 18 organizations together to solve problems, network, and discuss industry trends. These bi-monthly meetings provide members an opportunity for knowledge sharing and insightful discussion.

This year, we introduced our first In-Person Data Governance Roundtable ahead of the 2024 HIMSS conference. Community members from previous Roundtables gathered to discuss the future of data governance and network with their peers.

This event was a day full of events tailored around healthcare data governance, including retrospective analysis of organizational performance as well as looks to the future.Data Governance Roundtable Attendees

Data Governance Compass

This mini-benchmarking survey allows participants to understand how their organization measures up to their peers. Focused around the categories of “People,” Process,” and “Technology,” the Compass provides an overview of how an organization’s focuses and priorities compare to other organizations.

This year, 15 organizations participated in this survey, providing the Data Governance Roundtable with data that sparked insightful conversation. These exclusive takeaways are reserved for our Roundtable community, and allow them to appropriately track their investments and performance compared to their peers.

Data Governance Roundtable Discussion 1

Accelerating Initiatives Through Collaboration

Change management can be incredibly difficult, especially for a large healthcare organization. This session brought in a guest speaker, Anita Nielsen, a Transformation Consultant and Performance Coach with LDK Advisory Services, to provide guidance on how healthcare leaders can inspire change and motivate individuals at their organizations. Breakout sessions allowed participants to assess their change management processes and improve them based on discussions with their peers and the best practices discussed by the guest speaker.

Data Quality: Waiting for the Right Pitch

Health systems are generating so much data, so data governance leaders can often struggle with how to ensure they’re working with quality data. From time constraints to overwhelming data, individuals may not have the processes in place to ensure that the data they’re working with is a high enough quality to provide value.

AI Governance: What Is It and Where Do I Start?

Artificial Intelligence continues to grow as a topic of interest, especially in healthcare. During this session, participants gained an understanding of how Artificial Intelligence can be utilized at their organizations, as well as the security, policies, and processes that are required for success.

Monetizing Data Governance to Capture Real Value

How can organizations monetize and validate the value that their data governance efforts are creating? This is a problem that is often faced by healthcare leaders across the country. Our Data Governance Roundtable attendees were able to discuss this process of quantifying value and walk through relevant use cases at their organization.

Data Governance Roundtable Discussion

Data Governance Roundtable participants have the opportunity to participate in events like this and access the results of the DG Compass. To learn more about our strategy and data governance services, visit our website. We look forward to the exciting future of the Data Governance Roundtable!

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