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Prominence Gives Back: Colorado DECA03/15/2024
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At Prominence Advisors, we believe in more than just delivering exceptional service to health systems across the country. We’re dedicated to fostering positive change in the communities we call home. Our Community Service Day policy allows our team members to spend a day giving back to their communities in meaningful ways. This gives our nationwide team the chance to connect with their community and create change. From lending a helping hand at local shelters to volunteering as local firefighters, our employees embody our core values of compassion and service. Ben Ekberg recently gave back to his community at a local DECA event.


Colorado DECA

DECA is an organization within high schools across the US that provides specialized training and preparation for students interested in pursuing careers in business. Participation prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. By providing co-curricular programs that integrate classroom discussion and real-world problems, DECA provides opportunities for students to venture out into different areas of the business community and practice hands-on skills during competitive events. Through DECA, children of all different backgrounds have the opportunity to compete against each other in a role-based environment where students are given an opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real world scenario.


Colorado DECA currently has a membership of more than 8,000 individuals across 93 chapters. Chapter members meet at various conferences and events to further develop their business skills.

Ben’s DECA Experience: Attendee to Judge

Senior Data Architect Ben Ekberg recently judged a Colorado DECA competition. Having attended and participated in DECA events in high school, he understands and values the growth opportunities that DECA provides.

As a judge, Ben read and scored projects ahead of the conference event and provided feedback to students. This allows them to improve their business writing and communication skills. At the DECA leadership conference, individuals and teams compete in oral presentations. Outside of DECA, Ben is involved with Operation Christmas Child and Humane Society of Colorado Springs.


Thank you to Ben for sharing your Community Service Day and for your commitment to giving back to your community!

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