Prominence Advisors has been ranked #1 Best in KLAS in Technical Services in 2023! - Prominence
Prominence Advisors has been ranked #1 Best in KLAS in Technical Services in 2023!02/08/2023
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We’re proud to be Best in KLAS in Technical Services! With a score of 95.7, we’re the top ranked Technical Services organization in 2023.

Do More With Data

Prominence Advisors helps healthcare organizations do more with their data. Whether it’s guiding hospital groups through EHR implementation, establishing Data Governance principals, or deploying governed self-service analytics, we have the solutions and expertise to help healthcare organizations across the country succeed. Prominence was founded by former Epic managers, is staffed with the best and brightest in the industry, builds award winning solutions, and has experience with over 50 EHRs, ERPs, EDWs and other software systems. We guarantee a high level of support, responsiveness, outcome, and value based on our flywheel.


Hire Exceptional Talent

We believe that doing great work and moving mountains starts with hiring exceptional talent. Our extraordinary team consists of 85% Epic Alumni, 75% Analytics R&D experts, 70% Epic Leadership Alumni, all with 100% healthcare experience. 


The Prominence team operates according to our core values: do great work and move mountains. These values are the basis for everything we do and contribute to our strong culture. 


Solve Toughest Challenges

Our team is dedicated to solving healthcare’s toughest challenges. From optimizing revenue cycle to establishing a strong data governance structure to everything in between, the Prominence team moves mountains in healthcare, creating more efficient and effective operations in hospital groups across the country. 


Exceed Customer Expectations to Build Relationships

We commit ourselves to consistently exceeding customer expectations by doing great work, which leads to strong relationships with our existing customers and the attraction of new customers. We’re always going above and beyond for our clients, resulting in innovations that save time and money for our clients. Our clients regularly extend their partnerships with us, leading to recurring relationships and further innovation. 


Invest in Building Our Capabilities

Resting on our laurels is never an option. Even with high customer satisfaction and an incredible team, we know there’s more we can do to improve our customer’s abilities and make healthcare smarter. At every turn we’re investing in our staff, our processes, our technologies and our partnerships in order to drive further success with our customers.


KLAS’ honest, impartial and detailed evaluation of our customers’ true feelings about their partnership with us is one way we measure our success in delivering on our core values and flywheel. As a result, we’re ecstatic to be named Best in KLAS for Technical Services in 2023.


The Prominence Difference

The Prominence Advisors team is dedicated to making healthcare smarter and moving mountains for our clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by solving their toughest challenges, enabling them to do more with their data. 


  • “Prominence always exceeds our expectations. Prominence takes the time to fix all the problems I find. That is amazing. We spent a lot of money on a project with a different firm. That project never worked, and the consultants didn’t seem to care. That firm got paid and was out of here. But I have no complaints with Prominence. I would absolutely buy Prominence’s services again. There are no other IT consultants that I want to deal with. I don’t know of anything that Prominence couldn’t do for us.” – Director, April 2022
Our team fully commits to each project, taking their healthcare, Epic, and analytics experience and putting them to work for large healthcare organizations across the country. Our strong healthcare background enables us to easily tackle healthcare organizations’ largest problems with efficiency and ease.


  • “I enjoy working with Prominence. They are very knowledgeable and have a lot of expertise. They are very heavily engaged in everything and are involved in what we do. The person that I work with at Prominence is a part of our team. That person is willing to help where they can, and I appreciate working with them.” – Manager, November 2022




What is KLAS?

KLAS allows key stakeholders to anonymously give feedback about their experiences with various healthcare services providers in order to share insights with their peers. The KLAS system gives healthcare organizations accurate information about their service providers with accurate, transparent data through reports and reviews. Best in KLAS awards specifically recognize the industry’s software and services leaders who excel in their respective categories. 


Prominence Advisors has received high praise from KLAS over the years and consistently receives positive reviews. Last year, we earned the following scores: 


In 2021, Prominence Advisors was named the #2 overall HIT services vendor and was the only firm awarded three A+ grades for Technical Services in that year’s Best in KLAS report. Additional highlights for Prominence in the report include being the only firm with a 100% exceeds expectations. 


Work With a Best In KLAS Organization

Want to learn more about how to partner with a Best in KLAS organization and make your healthcare smarter? Here’s how: 


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