KLAS - Prominence

Prominence Advisors was named the #2 vendor in overall HIT services and is the only firm awarded three A+ grades for Technical Services in this year's Best in KLAS report.

Accurate. Impartial. Honest.
Prominence received excellent marks in all ranked categories based on anonymous feedback from our client base. This includes:
What Our Customers Say:
"...they are by far the best Epic resources consulting firm I have ever come across. The people that Prominence sends are the best in the business, and they are head and shoulders above any other consulting firm. I would just tell Prominence not to change."

"I am impressed with Prominence's ability to recognize talent in the people they contract with. We told the vendor what we were looking for, and they found the needle in the haystack for us. Our consultant has exceeded our expectations."

-VP / Executive
"Prominence has established good standard operating procedures of ways to do business and shares that broadly with their clients. Prominence knew where we needed to go and how to guide us, and they did more guiding than driving us. That was definitely what we needed."

-VP / Executive
"We have had incredibly positive experiences with all of the folks that Prominence has sourced for us over the years with various projects. They have brought on very high-caliber project managers who were fantastic and came with years of expertise."

"I would definitely buy Prominence's services again. They consistently exceed expectations. In terms of the quality of the staff members, they are amazing. They are really good at helping us decide the best route and how to do certain things when we run into issues."

"Prominence is my go-to services solution. I always call them first for every project because they do such a great job. The vendor has resources that are well trained and knowledgeable and can tackle any job."

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