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Epic Project Roadmapping in an IT Blizzard

8/14, 12pm CT

Epic’s UGM is coming. The amount of information covered at UGM can feel like a flurry of new ideas and projects. Navigating this blizzard can seem daunting.


Join our 2024 Best in KLAS HIT Staffing team as they explain how to prioritize and streamline your roadmap and achieve long-term success. Discover the secrets to maximizing efficiency, securing funding, and supporting project success by:

  • Understanding the benefits of roadmapping.
  • Getting to know Prominence Advisors and their expertise in this space.
  • Learning about Prominence’s roadmapping process and offerings.
  • Exploring case study examples of roadmap considerations.

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Learn From The Best In KLAS

Prominence Advisors has been named in Best in KLAS 2023 for Technical Services and Best in KLAS 2024 for HIT Staffing. Our Best in KLAS Services help organizations across the country utilize their data to make data-driven decisions. We combine data from multiple sources and bring it into real-time, allowing healthcare providers to do more with their data. We’ve documented more than $720M+ in ROI with our customers, empowered hundreds of organizations with governed self-service analytics, and assisted organizations in achieving their strategic vision.

Automate & Accelerate Metric Definition with AI using Prominence Atlas™️

Does your organization struggle to create quality business terms and metric definitions? Do you struggle with consistency, despite having a Data Governance program? Are your analysts and developers overwhelmed by documentation requirements?

Prominence Atlas™ solves all of these challenges by leveraging generative AI to guide and automate metric definitions, freeing your analysts and developers from rote documentation tasks and enabling them to produce better analytics, faster.

Prominence Atlas™ uses best-practice title and definition guidelines to create metric definitions in seconds, accelerating your ability to deliver trusted self-service analytics more rapidly than ever before.

This session will provide valuable insights into how AI, including Prominence Atlas™, can reshape healthcare metric definition and drive operational efficiency. During this session, attendees will:

  • Witness a live demonstration of Prominence Atlas™, showcasing its AI-powered metric definition feature.
  • Experience the time-saving potential of Prominence Atlas™, which can save $175,000+ annually for health systems.
  • Discover real-world use cases illustrating how Prominence Atlas™ optimizes metric definition processes and decision-making in healthcare settings.
  • Gain insights into the challenges and considerations associated with AI implementation in healthcare.
  • Learn how Prominence rapidly prototypes, vets and deploys AI solutions internally and with customers, and paves the way for responsible AI adoption in healthcare.

Grady Health: Consolidation of BI Tools to Tableau for Streamlined Analytics

Discover how Grady Health achieved a successful analytics tool transition from Qlik and Power BI to Tableau, along with automating data pipelines. This transition eliminated inefficient manual data preparation steps, paving the way for a more streamlined and data-driven culture.

UCSF: Finding Call Center Success via Actionable Tableau Dashboards

UCSF’s Rick Seefeldt joins us to discuss how their partnership with Prominence Advisors resulted in a Call Center Tableau dashboard that led to a 300% increase in answered call rate in about 6 months. Understand key successes, lessons learned, and how Prominence Advisors can empower your organization with data-driven decision-making.

Watch the Recap

Watch the Recap

A Guide to BI Tool Consolidations and Conversions

Streamlining your technology vendor list is a great way to improve data access, save money on software licensing, and maximize your team’s ability to deliver by focusing their energy and expertise across fewer tools.

Gain insights from our team as we explore the “Why,” “What,” and “How” behind BI tool conversions and how it can positively impact your organization. Develop a deeper understanding of:

  • Roles and responsibilities in the conversion process
  • Effective scoping strategies for tool conversions
  • Methods for quantifying effort and resources required
  • Strategies for maximizing efficiency with Prominence Advisors
  • Real-world case studies illustrating successful BI Tool Conversions
UKHC: Epic Data Strategy and Tableau Integration via Unified Analytics Catalog

Watch the University of Kentucky HealthCare’s Chris Burton as he discusses their approach to maximizing investments in multiple analytics tools, minimizing technical overhead, and integrating 3rd party analytics into Epic to streamline clinicians’ access to data via a unified analytics catalog.

Watch the Recap

Watch the Recap

Data Governance Technology 101

Understand the basics of Data Governance technologies, including:

  • Why healthcare organizations choose to leverage Data Governance technologies
  • Questions to ask about capabilities your organization needs
  • Assessing your Data Governance needs now vs. later
  • How your organization can maximize your Data Governance investment
The Road to HIMSS Stage 7

During this Basecamp Event, Erica Sagan and Angela Giddens lead a discussion on the path to Analytics Maturity, including:

  • Aligning your organization's strategy and goals with a framework
  • Developing a roadmap to Analytics Maturity according to the framework you've chosen
  • Executing your organization's roadmap
  • Evaluating and determining next steps on your Analytics journey
  • Live Q&A and discussion with the University of California, Davis, Team

Dip Into Data Lakes

In the first Prominence Basecamp event, VP of Engineering Selah Ben-Haim explains the importance of Data Lakes and Data Lakehouses, including:

  • Data lake & lakehouse history
  • Common terminology used in data lake decision-making for healthcare organizations
  • Deployment options
  • Querying across structured and unstructured data
  • AI & Machine Learning Data Science use cases in healthcare
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“I really look at your team helping us out with complex tasks/re-engineering, present processes, and rapid execution of unplanned high-value projects.  Your team helps me with the outside the box thinking I cannot get elsewhere.”
Dr. Binu Mathew, VP of Analytics, Mercy
Customer Testimonials
“[Prominence] makes it easier to enable different levels of user access requests, and gave us a better way to generate user security audit logs, to share insights of who has access to what. So cool. PS - there were many other things I learned from you that were extraordinarily helpful!”
Thomas Bauer, Sr BI Developer, Mt. Sinai Health System
“Truly unique and outstanding work.  I don’t know of another healthcare system our size that has this kind of profile.  Multiple clinical implications for usage greatly reducing operational cost of obtaining data.  A real knowledge management tool.”
Dr. Tom Landholt, Medical Director Primary Care Process Engineering, Mercy
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