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Turnover & Recruitment

Prepare for the projected shortage of up to 13 million nurses by 2030 by establishing a strong analytics foundation.

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View Your Turnover

Unlock your staffing and HR potential with this Accelerator. View crucial Turnover metrics and compare rates based on:

  • Entity
  • Tenure
  • Turnover Conditions
Recruit with Confidence

Create one dashboard for all of your recruitment needs. Combine data from multiple HRIS systems and unlock the ability to compare year-over-year variance in recruiting.

Get the full picture of your recruiting activities, including an interactive funnel and the average duration at each point in the funnel.

Prominence Platform

Prominence's Accelerators are pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards that maximize your existing investments in technology and people. The Accelerators leverage data from any source, automate data delivery, and enhance governance without creating untenable maintenance.

  • Deliver actionable, governed analytics 4x faster, saving 9 months on average, with the Prominence Platform
  • Eliminate 80% of time required to deploy new analytics solutions (800 hours, on average)
  • Reduce time required from SMEs by 70% using pre-built content and proven processes (300 hours, on average)
  • Don't recreate the wheel - Prominence's Accelerators can compliment / enhance your existing analytics or EDW
  • Automate data pipelines from source systems and leverage real-time data from Epic, Cerner and other mission critical systems.
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