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Population Health

Integrate claims / payer and EHR data (among other sources) to track, monitor and connect with your populations.

The Population Health Accelerator shows utilization, membership, risk factors, geo mapping, care gaps, and much more - all in one dashboard.

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All Encompassing Analytics

Quickly find and engage patients to proactively manage risk and utilization. Visualize and act on care gaps, risk factors, PMPM, utilization, and more. Seamlessly embed within your EHR to drive workflow.

  • All encompassing view leveraging claims/payer, EHR, and other data
  • Find high-performing areas and replicate success
  • Trend and benchmark key metrics throughout your population
Population Health, Solved

Population health can take many views. Prominence has created multiple Accelerators that can be combined to solve your exact needs. Whether you’re focusing on care gaps, honing in on hierarchical condition categories, or managing utilization, Prominence’s Population Health Accelerators have solved that challenge and are a great starting point to accelerate your self-service analytics.

Prominence Accelerators

Prominence's Accelerators are pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards that drive action. The Accelerators leverage data from any source, automate data delivery, and enhance governance without creating untenable maintenance.

  • Deliver actionable, governed analytics 4x faster than traditional development models
  • Eliminate 80% of time required to deploy new analytics solutions
  • Reduce time required from SMEs by 70% using pre-built content and proven processes
  • Don't recreate the wheel - Prominence's Accelerators can compliment / enhance your existing analytics or EDW
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