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Claims Normalization02/09/2022
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Unified payor and EHR data are creating game-changing insights for organizations focusing on value-based care. Unlocking this value and benefits can be challenging. A lot of vendors are black-box, meaning you just have to trust that what they’re telling you is correct and you have no way of verifying or creating your analytics solutions based on the limited data you do get back.

Prominence works with organizations to normalize data from payors, integrate with data from the EHR and other sources, and to create governed, transparent, unified data sets that customers can continue to maintain and optimize.

Most recently we worked with a large accountable care organization in the Midwest to normalize and unify their claims data from 5 payors, multiple EHRs, and state-based systems so they could sunset their use of a black-box vendor costing them millions of dollars per year.

Leveraging our Platform and team-based approach we were able to complete the project on-budget and ahead of schedule. Data from all payors was normalized and validated; all metrics were documented, approved and validated; knowledge transfer to the customer team was completed; and the customer is now able to support, optimize and expand their self-service analytics capabilities for the first time.

Completing the work mentioned above – on-time and ahead of schedule – is an incredible accomplishment in and of itself. However, we were able to further quantify ROI with the customer and in less than a year they’ll have recouped more than 100% of what they spent on our services. Specific ROI from the project include:

“I was speaking with my contact at [another] ACO… I mentioned that we have your team be excellent and that they might find you helpful for the work they were looking to complete, as well,” said the president of the ACO.

If you’re interested in freeing yourself from the shackles of expensive, feature-limited, black-box vendors and creating governed, self-service solutions from your payor data – that your team can maintain and optimize – then send us a note. We’ll provide even more detail on how we can rapidly deliver high-value data & analytics solutions that rapidly pay for themselves.

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