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Prominence’s pre-built, customizable Accelerators, data automation Platform, and unrivaled team of healthcare analytics veterans can maximize your investments in your team and tools.

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Best in KLAS

We’re a Best in KLAS organization, earning the #1 ranking in Technical Services in 2023. Our team provides unparalleled expertise in supporting all aspects of the analytics development lifecycle, and our customers rated us 100% exceeds expectations, does not nickel-and-dime and would buy again. Learn more about our services here, or contact us today for a no-strings attached conversation with one of our advisors.

Prominence Accelerators: Rapid Value, Tailored Solutions
Experience the power of rapid insights with Prominence's pre-built, customizable Accelerators. With over 45 ready-to-deploy analytics solutions, our Accelerators address reporting needs across all healthcare domains. Say goodbye to cumbersome development cycles and hello to value-driven solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows.
Prominence Platform: Seamless Data Delivery
How do you get data from numerous disparate systems to all of your consumers in a scalable and governable fashion?
Navigating disparate data systems can be complex. The Prominence Platform is your answer to scalable and governable data distribution. Seamlessly integrate data from various sources and deliver it to your stakeholders within their workflows. Say hello to data agility and goodbye to data silos.
Elevate Insights with Analytics Services

Our Analytics Services are guided by a veteran team, a team that’s seasoned in experience and unity. From Data Architecture to AI & ML, we provide expertise that’s tailored to your needs, ensuring you’re never overstaffed or overcharged.

Faster than Ever, Future-Proof

Experience analytics like never before – 4x faster than ‘build-your-own’, an 80% reduction in new self-service apps, a 70% reduction in SME time, and 100% repeatable results. In a world of evolving tools and dynamic needs, our solutions are built to be future-proof.

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Prominence Portal: Your One-Stop-Shop for Visualizations

Seamlessly collect, transform, and deliver data from various sources to your stakeholders, ensuring agility, accuracy, and efficiency. Break down data silos and empower your organization with real-time information, accelerating data-driven decisions and fostering a culture of collaboration. Experience the future of data distribution with a solution that's scalable, secure, and tailored to your needs. Transform your data challenges into strategic advantages with the Prominence Portal.

Powerful Partnerships
Prominence partners with the industry’s leading analytics and visualization platforms to deliver governed self-service. Want to learn more about our work with a specific partner? Click on the respective icon to request examples of our work and setup a time to talk.  
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What role does analytics play in healthcare?
    Analytics plays a pivotal role in hospitals by leveraging data-driven insights to enhance patient care, operational efficiency, and decision-making. It involves analyzing vast amounts of healthcare data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes and resource utilization.
What are the tools of data analytics in healthcare?
    Data analytics tools in healthcare encompass a range of technologies like electronic health record (EHR) systems, business intelligence platforms, data visualization software like Tableau and Power BI, predictive modeling tools, and machine learning algorithms. These tools enable healthcare professionals to extract actionable insights from patient data for informed medical decisions.
Unlock Your Data Governance Potential
Set your organization up for long-term, scalable success with a strong Data Governance foundation. Our team of experts has helped some of healthcare's largest organizations to align their people, processes, and technology, giving them 100% trust in their data.
Make Your Implementation Epic

Our team of Epic veterans, with an average of 10 years of experience and certifications in every module, is ready to lead your organization through your next Epic implementation.

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