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Recorded Accelerator Demonstrations11/15/2021
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Seeing is believing. We have no doubt that you agree. Many HIT companies pitch products that are vaporware or barely alpha products. We won’t name names of any of the big ones, but I’m sure you can think of 3 or 4 that were truly hyped only to completely flop when introduced to the real world of patient care.

Prominence is not one of those companies.

We’re providing short-form demos for our Accelerators to allow healthcare organizations to see the art of the possible when it comes to best practice, award-winning data visualizations and governed self-service.

The initial subset of Accelerators are listed below, and more will be added every month! If there are any that are particularly high on your priority list, let us know by shooting us a short note.

The demonstrations present a use case our customers have leveraged the Accelerator to solve, and an example of how they leverage data to find insights that drive actionable next steps.

Each Accelerator is comprehensive for a given domain area providing users one place to go – no logging in to multiple systems, no running multiple reports, no manual data aggregation. The comprehensive nature also allows for robust self-service using a governed data set, increasing your organizations’ data literacy, and they are designed to be maintained by your team, so they maximize your investments in your existing staff and technologies, as well.

While seeing the end-user view paints a compelling picture, it’s only a piece of the puzzle that is the analytics development lifecycle. Let’s take a deeper look at else these solutions entail:

Tip of the Iceberg

The demonstrations themselves showcase the result of leveraging our pre-built analytics solutions to deliver governed self-service in Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, or other BI tools. This is great for viewing the art of the possible, but there’s a lot happening ‘under the hood’ so to speak to make these solutions work seamlessly for your data users.

Under the hood, the Prominence Platform automates data extractions from data sources like Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Infor/Lawson, Workday, Kronos, and 50+ other systems. These data pipelines refresh from systems automatically, and pull data in real-time or near real-time for systems like Epic, Cerner, and many others.

Once extracted from the source systems, the data is combined to create a unified semantic layer. On top of this unified data set, we implement our pre-built data transformations that create global, re-usable metrics and dimensions (customizable to every individual organization, of course). This means we create length of stay once, and re-use it wherever required – no data duplication and no data governance nightmares!

These global metrics and dimensions are then delivered to our Accelerator data models that power the visualizations you see in the demonstration. These data models are easily expandable by your team, as well, meaning the Accelerator can continue to grow and evolve to meet the changing reporting needs of healthcare.

Finally, everything is wrapped up with extensive documentation. Every metric is defined, never black-boxed, and our team provides knowledge transfer to your staff so they can take over the maintenance, support and optimization of the Accelerators going forward.

We hope you enjoy these demonstrations and look forward to helping you achieve more with your data.

Contact Prominence today for a short, no-strings conversation on how you can rapidly deploy governed, self-service analytics solutions to your consumers.

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