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Surgical Services

The operating room is often the life blood of the hospital, generating up to 70% of revenues.

Customers implementing Prominence's Surgical Services Accelerator often see $250k+ in ROI in less than one year, and save thousands of man-hours by automating data pipelines.

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Fast ROI

The first visualizations of Prominence's Surgical Services Accelerator can launch in just 4-5 weeks, providing immediate value and actionable insights to your consumers. Most customers see substantial ROI in less than a year, including:

  • $250k in savings and revenue gain
  • 2,000+ in analyst time
  • 10%+ increase in utilization
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Surgical Services Dashboard Screen Shots
Actionable Insights from Trusted Data

Combine data from your EHR (such as Epic, Meditech, Cerner and others) with supply chain, finance, and staff data to create comprehensive analytics not possible in other tools.

Prominence Accelerators

Prominence's Accelerators are pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards that drive action. The Accelerators leverage data from any source, automate data delivery, and enhance governance without creating untenable maintenance.

  • Deliver actionable, governed analytics 4x faster than traditional development models
  • Eliminate 80% of time required to deploy new analytics solutions
  • Reduce time required from SMEs by 70% using pre-built content and proven processes
  • Don't recreate the wheel - Prominence's Accelerators can compliment / enhance your existing analytics or EDW
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