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Sepsis Analytics

Comply with new sepsis regulations. Empower your organization with accurate and timely analytics.

Sepsis is a leading cause of death & readmissions for inpatient hospitals. Your organization needs to understand performance in order to comply with new protocols.
Prominence’s Sepsis Indicators Application allows you to track compliance with Sepsis Care Protocols, as well as key outcome measures.

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Sepsis Regulations: Secure Medicare Reimbursements

The Biden Administration recently finalized a new sepsis rule, which sets specific treatment metric benchmarks for sepsis patients. This rule, aimed at reducing sepsis deaths, has financial implications for healthcare organizations across the country.

Starting in fall 2024, hospitals are required not only to report on their compliance with guidelines but to meet specific treatment benchmarks. Failure to meet these measures could result in substantial financial penalties, with smaller hospitals potentially losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and larger institutions facing million-dollar losses in Medicare reimbursements annually.

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Predict Sepsis with Machine Learning

Reduce the cost of complex clinical challenges, like sepsis, with predictive models made possible with machine learning. During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Prominence, partnered with Databricks, can create a Sepsis Prediction Engine for your organization
  • How to improve large-scale data processing by 10-15x
  • Machine learning models to predict and prevent sepsis
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HIMSS Davies Award Winning

Prominence's Sepsis Analytics Accelerator helped propel Lehigh Valley Health Network to a HIMSS Davies Award. What truly made this possible was the feedback loop to physicians that the Accelerator was able to provide.

Instead of having to run multiple reports, manually aggregate data, and complete individual interpretations, the dashboard delivered everything needed to understand performance and take action.

Click the links below to watch Lehigh's presentation or request a link to view a short demonstration.

Drive Action

Prominence’s Sepsis Accelerator enables organizations to drive action. By providing pre-built, customizable metrics for key performance indicators like LOS, readmissions, time zero, and bundle compliance, you’ll have insight into exactly what actions will improve outcomes at your organization.

Prominence Accelerators
Prominence's Accelerators are pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards that maximize your existing investments in technology and people. The Accelerators leverage data from any source, automate data delivery, and enhance governance without creating untenable maintenance.
  • Deliver actionable, governed analytics 4x faster, saving 9 months on average, with the Prominence Platform
  • Eliminate 80% of time required to deploy new analytics solutions (800 hours, on average)
  • Reduce time required from SMEs by 70% using pre-built content and proven processes (300 hours, on average)
  • Don't recreate the wheel - Prominence's Accelerators can compliment / enhance your existing analytics or EDW
  • Automate data pipelines from source systems and leverage real-time data from Epic, Cerner and other mission critical systems.
Advanced Analytics

From data lakehouses to visualization, our team of experts is prepared to take your organization’s analytics to the next level.

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