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Peaks of Progress: 2023 Charitable Giving Recap12/13/2023
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As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves full of gratitude, reflecting on a year marked by purposeful giving and impactful strides in healthcare. At Prominence Advisors, we remain dedicated to elevating the well-being of our communities in addition to making healthcare smarter for health systems nationwide. This year, we’ve moved mountains in our charitable endeavors, supporting initiatives that resonate with our team. From dedicated workdays for our team to contribute hands-on, to our steadfast support of a chosen nonprofit, and our annual contributions on behalf of our dedicated professionals to over 75 charities nationwide – our commitment to making a positive difference knows no bounds. As the year draws to a close, we celebrate a year of purposeful giving that goes beyond healthcare analytics.


Giving Back

We strive as an organization to give back to our communities. Since we’re a fully remote company with employees across the country, the communities we care for are broad and diverse. With that in mind, we support charitable organizations that are meaningful to our team. This year, we’ve supported more than 75 nonprofit organizations on behalf of our team members. From healthcare to education, environmental sustainability to social justice, and everything in between, our team remains steadfast in their commitment to the causes that are closest to their hearts.


This tradition remains as a way for our organization to show support for our team, giving them the opportunity to support their communities.


Tri 4 Schools

We’ve been a proud partner of Tri 4 Schools for the last 10 years, supporting their mission of creating a healthier future for all children. Tri 4 Schools supports the health and wellness of kids inside and outside the classroom by offering programs that promote active lifestyles, teamwork, and a positive approach to challenges.

Their core initiatives include after school programs, events, school grants, and financial support for kids to lay the foundation for a healthier future generation. Since 2011, they’ve donated over $450,000 to over 200 schools and 22,000 kids have crossed the finish line!

This year, we sponsored their annual Golf Classic, their largest fundraiser of the year.


Community Service Days

At Prominence Advisors, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact not only in the healthcare industry but also in the communities we serve. This dedication extends to our team members, who actively engage in meaningful community service.

We encourage each team member to dedicate one day a year to serving in their local communities. This policy allows our team to be able to give back without needing to worry about work or time off! Community Service Days are an integral part of our company culture. They represent our commitment to giving back to the communities that nurture us. On these designated days,  team members take a break from their normal to-do lists to volunteer and support local organizations and causes close to their hearts.

Community Service Days allow us to channel our collective energy, skills, and resources into making a meaningful difference. It’s a chance to connect with our neighbors, foster teamwork among our colleagues, and, most importantly, leave a lasting, positive impact.

Through Community Service Days, we’re proud to demonstrate our dedication to both our clients and our communities, because for us, giving back is an essential part of who we are.

Anne Kuenzie recently completed a Community Service Day at the North Brooklyn Angels, a mobile soup kitchen serving over 500 individuals daily. Twice a week, Anne dedicates her time to this organization, saving surplus food from local businesses and creating nutritious meals for community members. Our Community Service Day policy allows team members, like Anne, to dedicate an entire day to bettering their communities.

As a Troop Coordinator, Kristy Zirngible participates in variety of community service opportunities, from working at the Tri-City Pantry to sorting clothes at St. Vincent DePaul or Open Door Mission. She recently spent her Community Service Dat at Boxes of Joy, an annual Christmas gift ministry that brings joy and hope to children who experience poverty. Partnering with local schools, parishes, and community groups across the country enables this group to create widespread change.

David Gates has served on the Elgin Fire Department for the past 10 years, and recently used his expertise to spend the day educating elementary school children for National Fire Prevention Week. He has done this event four times, and it’s a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of fire safety and prevention!


Jennifer Wheeler spent her Community Service Day at The Children’s Home in Maryland. She decided to spend her day with an organization that was new to her, expanding her horizons by volunteering with this organization! The Children’s Home provides long- and short-term services to youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, and/or are in need of supervised care. Children who are a part of this organization have the opportunity to attend public schools, develop self-esteem, and experience trusting relationships with peers and adults.


Looking Ahead

We’re incredibly grateful for our team’s extraordinary work this past year! Our team has embodied the mission of Prominence Advisors, moving mountains in their local communities. We’re looking forward to seeing even more mountains moved in 2024!


Best wishes,

Bobby Bacci

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