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Prominence Gives Back: North Brooklyn Angels10/19/2023
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At Prominence Advisors, we believe in more than just delivering exceptional services to our clients. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. That’s why we’ve instituted a special policy that allows our team to give back – Community Service Days.

What are Community Service Days?

Community Service Days are an integral part of our company culture. They represent our commitment to giving back to the communities that nurture us. On these designated days,  team members take a break from their normal to-do lists to volunteer and support local organizations and causes close to their hearts.

Why Community Service Matters

We understand the value our team members bring to all of their engagements, but we also recognize the value of investing in the well-being of our communities. Community Service Days allow us to channel our collective energy, skills, and resources into making a meaningful difference. It’s a chance to connect with our neighbors, foster teamwork among our colleagues, and, most importantly, leave a lasting, positive impact.

Through Community Service Days, we’re proud to demonstrate our dedication to both our clients and our communities, because for us, giving back is an essential part of who we are.

Giving Back: North Brooklyn Angels

For UI Designer Anne Keunzie, community service is an integral part of life. She has been a consistent volunteer with the North Brooklyn Angels, a mobile soup kitchen serving over 500 individuals daily. This organization salvages surplus food from local businesses, transforms it into nourishing meals, and distributes it to vulnerable community members.

Twice a week, you’ll find Anne at the heart of the North Brooklyn Angels operation, aiding in kitchen setup and meal preparation.

Beyond the soup kitchen, Anne extends her compassion to other community initiatives like community fridges and NBK Essentials, providing essential supplies to neighbors facing hardship. Her actions exemplify the idea that healthcare professionals can make a substantial impact outside their traditional roles.

We’re proud of our team members for giving back to their community and look forward to seeing Community Service Days to come!

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