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No Cost COVID Analytics09/09/2021
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Healthcare organizations across the nation are being stretched to their limits with the increase in hospitalizations from the Delta variant. This is making it more and more critical to leverage the data at your fingertips to care for your patients, staff and the broader population.

To help organizations, Prominence is waiving license fees on their COVID Analytics Accelerators to healthcare provider organizations, state and local governments, and higher education institutions. These Accelerators provide mission-critical data to consumers in a matter of weeks, they can also extend or enhance your existing analytics to maximize your capabilities, and they can be further optimized and maintained by your existing staff.

Prominence’s COVID Analytics Suite includes the following Accelerators:

COVID Vaccine & Testing Management

Accelerate your ability to manage vaccine distribution and compliance.

Service Line Management & Patient Prioritization

Managing services to ensure patients receive timely care and screenings is critically important. Prominence’s Accelerator:

COVID Tracking & Tracing

Track and trace COVID infections throughout your system and population to manage hotspots and reduce risk.

Provider Burnout Management

Ensure staff are cared for and your human resources team is informed to work with clinicians to prevent and mitigate burnout.

Accelerators may include:

You can learn more about these Accelerators using the links below. These pages show screen shots or animations of our visualizations and provide access to case study documents that you can share internally to your organization.

Lastly, our team of experts would be happy to provide a no-strings conversation about how these or any of our 50+ Accelerators would specifically benefit your organization. This includes a live demonstration and an opportunity for Q&A from your team. As always, it’s a no-pressure conversation where you can draw from our experience with 90+ healthcare organizations across the nation.

If this blog post missed the mark or you’d like additional content or detail in future posts, just let us know. Our goal is to provide useful, actionable information to help healthcare organizations do more with their data and make healthcare smarter.

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