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Vaccine Management

Managing the effective distribution of COVID and influenza vaccines this winter is top of mind for nearly everyone in the nation. Prominence’s Vaccine Management Accelerator combines critical information from your employee health records, supply chain and EHR to create actionable analytics.

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We know time is of the essence. This is why our Vaccine Management Accelerator can go live in less than a month and empower your team to act.

  • Combine data from key systems
  • Use existing metrics and dimensions
  • Transfer knowledge to your team
  • Iterate and expand to additional use cases
Vaccine Management Webinar

Prominence has created a vaccination tracking dashboard that uses public health, EHR, employee health records and supply chain data to effectively track vaccinations among populations and staff.

Watch this webinar where we discuss how analytics will:

  • Ensure vaccine compliance amongst staff and patients
  • Track population health outcomes and vaccination rates
  • Enable clinicians and administrators to engage populations for vaccination
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