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Governance Services: Tailored Expertise for Your Needs
Successful data governance requires more than technology; it demands a strategic process aligned with your organizational goals. Our Data Governance Team offers personalized guidance to develop and implement data governance frameworks that resonate with your unique challenges and aspirations. We provide hands-on support to establish data stewardship programs, define data ownership, and set up effective governance structures.
Our Approach
  1. Assessment: We start by understanding your hospital group's existing data landscape, challenges, and goals with a 360 degree review of your current operations.
  2. Strategy Development: Based on the assessment, we develop a tailored data governance and strategy plan that aligns with your organizational objectives.
  3. Implementation: We work collaboratively with your team to implement the strategy, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflows.
  4. Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn't end with implementation. We provide ongoing support, refining strategies as needed and keeping your data governance practices up-to-date.
Data Governance Benefits

Trusted Decision-Making: Use accurate, trustworthy, and transparent data for your decisions. Gain the confidence to make informed choices for your organization.

Enhanced Collaboration: Data-driven decision-making requires collaboration across departments and teams. We help you align people, processes, and technology, fostering a culture of collaboration that results in better decision outcomes.

Operational Efficiency: Efficient decision-making relies on streamlined processes and access to accurate data. Our Strategy services optimize data workflows, eliminating bottlenecks and empowering your team to make faster, well-informed decisions.

Strategic Advantage: In a competitive healthcare landscape, having a solid data governance strategy gives you a strategic edge. Gain a reputation for data-driven excellence that sets your organization apart from the rest.

Learn how to unlock your full strategy potential through Data Stewardship. 
Understand how to implement data governance frameworks to meet your goals.
Explore the different platforms and programs that can empower your organization to do more with your data. 
Powerful Partnerships
Prominence partners with the industry’s leading data governance platforms to deliver trusted information to anyone who needs it. Want to learn more about our work with a specific partner? Click on the respective icon to request examples of our work and setup a time to talk.                  
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What is data governance?
    Data governance refers to the framework, policies, processes, and procedures that ensure the quality, availability, integrity, and security of data across an organization. It establishes guidelines for data management, usage, and access, fostering a culture of data accountability and compliance.
Why is data governance important?
    Data governance is crucial to maintaining data accuracy, security, and compliance. It ensures that data is reliable and consistent, which is vital for informed decision-making, regulatory compliance, and maintaining patient trust in healthcare settings.
What are the essential components of data governance?
    Key components of data governance include data stewardship, data quality management, metric management, data classification, access controls, data lifecycle management, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities for data management.
What does good data governance look like?
    Good data governance involves clear policies, standardized processes, and well-defined roles. It ensures data is accurately captured, documented, and accessible only to authorized personnel. Regular audits, data lineage tracking, and continuous improvement efforts are also indicative of strong data governance.
What is the role of data governance in healthcare?
    In healthcare, data governance ensures patient privacy, regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA), and accurate clinical decision-making. It establishes protocols for data sharing among healthcare providers, safeguarding sensitive information while enabling collaborative care and research initiatives.
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