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Rapid, Automated Data Ingestion into Snowflake

Leverage the Power of Prominence's Extraction Console to manage data pipelines into Snowflake.

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Automate and Tame Wild Data Extraction into Snowflake
The Prominence Platform extracts and automates data pipelines from any source into your Snowflake environment, giving you code-free management of all data flows and enabling you to do more with your data.
Fully-Automated, High-Bandwidth Data Ingestion
The Prominence Extraction Console automates the extraction of your large amounts of data into your Snowflake data warehouse. The Console offers:

Consolidation of your on-prem and cloud data in Snowflake

Powerful and productive no-code/low-code configuration

Automated incremental extraction of EMR data

Flexible scheduling and event-based triggers

Robust monitoring and alerting

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