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Data from Anywhere – Information for Everyone – Trusted by Everyone
Faster than ever.
Prominence’s pre-built, customizable Accelerators, data automation
Platform, and unrivaled team of healthcare analytics veterans can
maximize your investments in your team and tools.

Best in KLAS

We’re a Best in KLAS organization, earning the #1 ranking in Technical Services in 2023. Our team provides unparalleled expertise in supporting all aspects of the analytics development lifecycle, and our customers rated us 100% exceeds expectations, does not nickel-and-dime and would buy again. Learn more about our services here, or contact us today for a no-strings attached conversation with one of our advisors.

Accelerator Case Study

Learn how a health system replaced expensive niche tools and enabled governed self-service.

Prominence Accelerators

Can you deliver actionable information to anyone in the enterprise when they need it and within their workflow? See Prominence’s 45+ pre-built, customizable analytics Accelerators that rapidly drive value and solve reporting needs across all healthcare domains.

Prominence Platform

How do you get data from numerous disparate systems
to all of your consumers in a scalable and governable fashion?

Platform Case Study

See how a health system leveraged the framework to deliver rapid ROI and maximize investments in their team and technologies.

Analytics Services

Prominence’s Analytics Services are delivered by a veteran team that’s veteran as a team. You’ll always have the right expertise at the right time and you’ll never be overstaffed or overcharged
Data Architecture | Data Visualization | Project Management | AI & ML

Epic Build Tracking

Leverage analytics to track Epic build and highlight issues before they become problems.

Powerful Partnerships
Prominence partners with the industry’s leading analytics and visualization platforms to deliver governed self-service. Want to learn more about our work with a specific partner? Click on the respective icon to request examples of our work and setup a time to talk.  
Faster than Ever

4x faster than ‘build-your-own’
80% reduction to new self-service app
70% reduction in SME time
100% repeatable results

Future Proof

Analytics will never be static. Tools and capabilities change
often, and your consumers’ needs change even faster

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