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Epic Orion Build Tracking

Epic implementations and rollouts are some of the largest IT investments you'll ever make.

Ensure they go according to plan at every step with Prominence's near real-time build tracking and alerting.

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Manage Implementation & Rollout Risk
  • Near real-time updates
  • Understand major risks by application/owner that impact go-live readiness
  • Review order set and medication build completeness by clinical owner
  • Identify issues and bottlenecks sooner before they become showstoppers
  • Gain insight into the status of interfaces
  • Ensure training is ready to be delivered in time for go-live
Deploy With Confidence

During a recent Enterprise Implementation of Epic, Prominence's Orion Build Tracking Accelerator provided unparalleled transparency, including:

  • 67,500 implementation tasks tracked and analyzed.
  • 356 risks and issues proactively identified and mitigated.
  • 9 domains with accountable owners across the enterprise.
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