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Accelerate Your Human Resources03/09/2023
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Looking to Jump Start Your HR Analytics?

Prominence’s Accelerators provide healthcare organizations with a solution for their most common HR and Staffing concerns. From Labor and Productivity to Turnover and Recruitment, our Accelerators offer comprehensive, customizable solutions for any problem your organization is facing.

We’ve partnered with some of the country’s largest healthcare organizations to make healthcare smarter. Want to learn more? Reach out to our team to get started today!

Staffing During Shortages

There is a projected shortage of up to 13 million nurses by 2030, causing healthcare leaders to rethink their staffing strategies. Hiring and retaining the right staff is crucial to maintaining necessary staffing levels and retaining talent. Clinical labor costs are expected to grow 6 to 10% over the next two years, which contributes to the $170B in incremental costs expected by 2027. One way to address this issue is to improve technology across your organization, creating an easier journey for your staff from start to finish.

Younger nurses are struggling more than their more senior counterparts, with heightened stress, worse emotional health, and a greater likelihood to leave their job. In fact, 1 in 3 registered nurses who provide direct patient care may leave their jobs in the next year. Reducing turnover and increasing retention are crucial to large healthcare organizations across the country.

Improving your organization’s strategy and analytics can make your operations more effective and efficient, allowing your existing staff to focus on providing quality care instead of administrative duties. Utilize Prominence’s Accelerators to make your healthcare smarter and maintain healthy staffing levels.

Reduce Effort with Standardized, Automated HR Reporting

Is your team manually generating static reports for your HR metrics, resulting in outdated reports and inefficiencies? One regional medical center recently partnered with Prominence Advisors to create a centralized place for users to view up-to-date metrics, automating their reporting process and providing visibility to key decision-makers. This organization had been manually updating their reports, which lacked standardization and the ability to drill down into specific metrics.

This project reduced the effort required to gather and analyze this data, saving report writers around 40 hours per month. In just 3 weeks, 42 users viewed these up-to-date dashboards, as managers and supervisors across all departments can now view these reports, which now automatically generate monthly.

The Prominence team created a Recruitment and Retention Tableau application for this organization to track metrics like turnover rate, vacancy rate, and time to fill. Instead of their old, static report, users can now interact with their data and can drill down into specific time frames or data points. Users are able to track metrics over time, analyzing year-over-year changes in performance. HR leadership can see all detailed employee data across the organization, while employees can see how their own metrics compare with the entire organization. Our team also standardized 52 data elements through their data governance certification process, not only enhancing their reporting capabilities but bringing standardization to their metrics.

With this updated application, this organization is able to do more with their data. The increased visibility that this application provides allows HR leaders to regularly view and analyze specific data and overall department performance and trends.

Replace Manual Reporting of Non-Integrated HRIS Applications

From recruitment to internal resource management, organizations can often rely on multiple Human Resource Information Systems. As a result, the manual reporting process involving these non-integrated applications can waste time and money. The data to improve decision-making may exist, but often the work required to manually gather this data can be burdensome to an organization. Prominence has created a robust data model and visualization that consolidates data from these many sources and allows HR users to more quickly create and distribute reports.

This large children’s hospital enlisted Prominence to improve the performance of their HR and staffing analytics by consolidating data from multiple HRIS applications into one standardized application. Previously, their team had been downloading data into Excel to then merge and combing through Excel files. They couldn’t drill down into certain metrics and were wasting valuable time and resources on this inefficient process.

Prominence’s solution allows users to access data, drill down as required, and gives managers the ability to independently view data while maintaining security based on the organization’s hierarchy. The same data from these sources is now able to do more for this organization, driving decisions and making their operations more efficient.

Leverage a Strong Data Governance Foundation to Create an HR Application

A large university health system was able to level up their HR reporting with Prominence by creating 4 dashboards over 3.5 months. This hospital system had installed a new enterprise HR system and aimed to migrate or onboard all of their hospitals to this new system. As a result, the HRIS Team wasn’t able to handle this increased demand, which led to their partnership with Prominence.

This team didn’t have an existing recruiting dashboard, and was instead manually calculating their recruiting funnel and throughput in a spreadsheet. This organization lacked a centralized view of their data, and needed to scour multiple sources to see everything for a specific hospital or compare metrics. Their data was also split between two HRIS systems, preventing the team from being able to report on a full fiscal year of turnover.

The Prominence Advisors team solved these problems, establishing a centralized source of truth for HR and Staffing data with our Turnover and Recruiting Accelerator. These dashboards enable users to analyze throughput and volumes in addition to easily comparing metrics across hospitals.

Automate Manual Querying and Improve Accuracy

Manual reporting wastes time and creates a window for human error. We recently assisted a large West coast hospital group to create a Human Resources Application and greatly improve their operations, saving time and giving them confidence in their data.

Previously, this organization had been manually querying for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual HR reporting and presentations for executive leaders and the HR team. Not only was this a large waste of time, but it left room for human error. Prominence was able to solve both of these problems for this organization with our Human Resources Roadmap and Human Resources Application.

The Prominence team leveraged this organization’s database to automate data for 11 different dashboards and more than 70 metrics, eliminating the need for manual reporting. With this application, the organization’s executive leaders and HR team are able to almost instantly access these reports with 100% confidence in the data. In addition to the time saved with this application, this organization also improved their data security by applying advanced security to allow only specific users to view detailed employee information.

This organization can now leverage 5 years of historical data to analyze trends and identify opportunities for improvement. Instead of spending time manually gathering data and creating reports, this team’s time can now be better spent making changes and improving their operations.


Looking to Accelerate Your Human Resources?

Is your organization facing similar Human Resources problems? Are you looking to avoid these predicted staffing shortages?  Contact our team today to learn more about how we can improve your HR and Staffing Analytics to save time, money, and make healthcare smarter.

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