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Donating our time, resources, and expertise to charitable organizations is a core value at Prominence.  Each year we donate tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to causes that are important to our employees and customers.  Aligning with this core value, Prominence has partnered with Global Health Coalition (GHC), a non-profit that leverages skills in healthcare delivery, health IT, and data analytics to make strides towards a healthier world for all.

Over the past year, Prominence, GHC and Rush University Global Health have made significant strides towards developing a portable EMR with advanced business intelligence capabilities and the first pilot of this system was successful at the Jerusalem Clinic in May 2016.  Prominence provided expertise in many areas that are familiar to us in this project from configuring the pilot EMR to creating an advanced BI application to visualize the data collected to providing hardware and infrastructure support and guidance.  Collaborating with staff from GHC and Rush to work through the challenges posed by resource limitations in Haiti, from operating with no internet or power to accommodating non-traditional workflows in the EMR, has been rewarding to our whole company. The challenges of decreasing disparity in care available in the developing world have never been so clear to us.

With this small milestone behind us, there is still so much to do.  Our next phase will focus on:
Moving to a more robust EMR platform that can support better care management of patients

Check out the data that the team was able to capture in our Pilot EMR, see how we visualized the data, and contact Global Health Coalition team if you’re interested in getting involved or donating to the cause!

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