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Using Data Governance to Build Transparency02/01/2023
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The Prominence Advisors team is dedicated to long-term data governance and analytics growth for our clients. Our data governance work provides organizations with the structure and transparency to then move forward with analytics and improve the use of data. We work with our partners to create solutions and then transfer the necessary knowledge to enable and empower clients to succeed on their own moving forward. Our clients will often expand upon the foundation built with Prominence to create their own solutions to newly discovered business problems.


We host regular Data Governance Roundtable meetings to allow our clients to meet and discuss their data governance needs and solutions. A large not-for-profit hospital group recently participated in a Data Governance Roundtable and described their innovative reporting portal designed to build transparency across this very large organization.

Identifying a Need

After building a foundation of data governance and analytics with Prominence, this organization developed a new product to benefit their analytics community, which is comprised of between 700 and 800 people. The large size of this community leads to repetition of reporting and a lack of visibility across departments.


The team identified a need to better organize their operational and strategic Tableau dashboards to create greater transparency and visibility into content generated for their leadership teams. The large size of their organization led to duplicative reporting as developers may not have been aware of existing reports in other entities. After creating a Business Glossary with Prominence, they now have standardized a larger number of metrics across the organization, but still have duplicated reports across departments and teams. The analytics team also aimed to improve the enterprise reporting lifecycle management capability. This new portal also was created to empower users across the organization, explaining report uses and audiences as well as the data uses, metrics, etc. which they store in their enterprise Business Glossary.


The Solution

Using a web-based reporting portal, this large medical organization’s team was able to create a technical solution for these business drivers. The platform interfaces with their Tableau Server and other analytics/BI sources to display a selected subset of their many data assets. This allows users to hone in on their desired dashboards all in one place, reducing the time spent searching for data and increasing transparency throughout the organization.


This portal, while increasing visibility, still maintains the same levels of data security. While users can view thumbnails for all content in the system, they must possess the appropriate permissions granted through their security provisioning system in order to access the privileged information. The integration of existing systems into the portal allowed the team to now identify insights and implement data-driven changes.


We’re proud to be making healthcare smarter with our clients. This hospital group is just one of many clients empowered to build upon a strong data governance foundation. To learn more about how we can help you move mountains, contact our team today.

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