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As we described in our previous post about our company culture, we believe that a strong culture builds employee engagement, which supports our ability as a company to tackle new challenges every day.
We were recently recognized as one of the top companies in the country for our commitment to employee engagement and retention through the Best and Brightest National award. When we received the report of our results from the survey completed by our employees, we took the opportunity to reflect on where our staff ranked Prominence Advisors relative to the average. Below we share several of the areas where our score ranked higher than average, with examples of how we foster a sense of connection with our team relative to that area.
Employee Enrichment, Engagement, and Retention
We are extremely selective in our hiring process, so we know we have smart, motivated, creative folks on our team. We also know that keeping smart, motivated, creative folks engaged and fulfilled can’t be taken for granted. We work to build an engaging, appreciative, and enriching environment in ways such as:

  • We come together, face-to-face, for an all-day meeting on a quarterly basis
    • We use this time to catch up on our team successes, brainstorm ways to tackle customer and industry challenges, and build camaraderie through team-building activities
  • We recognize individuals in regular team meetings for both big achievements (completion of a project) and impactful efforts (working through a challenge or supporting colleagues)
  • We recognize our staff as individuals, sharing the joy of exciting life events such as a new baby or home purchase, or a get-well gift after an illness or injury

Community Initiatives
We work in healthcare for a reason: We all want to use our talents to improve the lives of others. We take this imperative further than just driving our business relationships. We consider it our responsibility to also take an active role in our community in ways such as:

  • We have an organizational partnership with a great non-profit called Global Health Coalition, with the mission to extend the power of healthcare technology and the insight available through electronic data to developing nations
    • We’ve donated time and materials in the collaboration of an EMR that can run for a full day without a power or internet connection
  • We believe that healthy habits developed from a young age are a critical part of our population health landscape
    • We sponsor a great fundraiser each year for the Dane County, WI non-profit organization, Tri 4 Schools, to increase their reach across the greater Madison area
  • We appreciate the unique community priorities of each of our employees, which is why we donate annually to non-profits of their choice in the names of each staff member

Work-Life Balance 
We love our work and we love to talk about our work with one another. We also love to talk about our lives outside of work, be it a great book or movie releasing, a weekend-warrior trip to a national park, or a recent vacation. We value the lives that our employees lead outside of work, because it brings balance and context to their perspectives when they are at work. We strive to support a meaningful work-life balance in ways such as:

  • We foster a culture that doesn’t reward off-hours work
    • Our expectation is that it should be an exception to work on the weekends; we work with our customers to set realistic timelines to allow for that
  • We build flexibility into our deployment contracts to allow for remote work when possible and reasonable
  • We are judicious with travel for our Analytics team, who work remotely, keeping their travel infrequent and short (1 – 2 days onsite)
  • We love our families, and sometimes they need us at unexpected times
    • We recognize that random doctor appointments or school events go with the territory of parenthood, including parents who work full-time jobs

Employee Education and Development
One of the best parts about working at a company committed to solving healthcare’s toughest challenges is that we’re often tackling a problem that’s never been addressed before. Ever. Anywhere. To keep our team nimble and ready for anything, we prioritize education and skill development in ways such as:

  • We build time in to our FTE allocation to learn about new tools and technologies as they come onto the market
  • We provide internal training to each other to keep everyone’s skills sharp; for example:
    • The team that focuses on data governance educates everyone about the basics and how to start a conversation if their customer needs help
    • We share what we learn about our development practices and user interface design tips during our weekly Analytics meetings
  • We provide everyone with an annual professional development fund, to ensure individual skill-building needs can be addressed
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