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Real-Time EHR Data11/15/2021
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Real-time data has eluded healthcare organizations for a long time. The software systems in place limit access to real-time data either to their limited tools or make it so technically challenging that it’s not feasible for the resources at most organizations.

Prominence is ending these limitations by providing real-time access to data from your EHR, ERP, and other critical systems.

Prominence’s Platform now offers a no-code API to connect to Epic in real-time and extract any information you need. The Platform and API setup can be completed in as few as 10 days – no long implementations, just rapid access to real-time data and automated data pipelines.

Below are some of the examples of customers leveraging real-time data from Epic and other sources to create powerful analytics that are transforming operations

Command Center
A newly formed integrated delivery network on the east coast was struggling to manage patient throughput. The customer was running individual reports for each ED, OR, and inpatient location to get census, LOS and patient status information. They would then run reports on the orders and results for patients and manually combine it to the other reports.

This would create a snapshot in time of the current state of the system that they would then try to leverage to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure patients were discharged, transferred or admitted in a timely manner. The result of this process was a substantial effort to create a snapshot that was almost immediately out of date. Command center staff would try to assist providers but would have outdated information, and other patients would have status changes that would go unnoticed. It was untenable.

Then, the customer implemented the Prominence Platform to access this clinical data in real-time, while automating data pipelines to completely eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone manual steps. Now, real-time census, ED and OR events, orders, and results data are combined to create a single dashboard to manage throughput for the entire organization.

This decision-ready data is served up to users both embedded directly within the workflows of providers and to PCs, tablets, and phones, giving everyone access to the same governed data no matter where they are.

Clinical Documentation
A large integrated delivery network in the Midwest was challenged with clinical documentation that was sufficient, but not always indicative of the level of care provided. For example, clinical documentation would be sufficient in describing the condition of the patient to ensure high quality care, but would not be sufficient to support the appropriate level of coding for that high quality care. This meant some patients were staying for several days longer than payors would reimburse given the coded diagnosis, resulting in substantial losses for those encounters.

The customer implemented Prominence’s Platform to start abstracting critical clinical information in real-time and deployed it through Prominence’s Clinical Documentation Improvement Accelerator (embedded within the workflow). This new, automated data feed automatically triggered reviews of potential incomplete documentation by case management and medical documentation specialists, as well as leveraged AI to recommend final coding. These staff could jump from the embedded analytics into the patient chart to complete a detailed review, and message providers via InBasket or phone to determine what documentation updates needed to be made, if any.

This resulted in a revenue lift of more than $74 million dollars in year 1 alone, which was well over 50x return on investment.

The Prominence Platform
The Prominence Platform is a lightweight set of tools, built on industry standard and open-source languages, that automate data pipelines from any source system to your visualization platform, up to and including real-time data. Built on decades of analytics development best practices from hundreds of customers across the nation, the platform is designed to work for organizations just starting with real-time data and data automation and those with robust analytics environments that want to take the next step with real-time.

The API itself is a single connection that then allows your existing staff to write additional calls using a no-code interface. This means that staff with training in Reporting Workbench and Chronicles will be able to start creating real-time data pulls with almost no additional training.

We also understand that a lot of sensitive information is contained within your EHR, and the permission structure around the API is designed to provide robust yet flexible data protection. You can limit access to data and when users need more access they can request permission to those items that you and your team can review before granting or denying.

Each of these actions with the API are also logged. If you need to revert back you can see previous versions, or if you need to audit access or performance you’ll have the ability to quickly assess your current state and take corrective action.

Lastly, we know that in order for a solution to be useful to today’s leading healthcare organizations it must be high performance. The API contains governance features that let you throttle the number of calls that can occur in a set time period, and the number of records that can be retrieved. This can act as a safety valve in the event someone accidentally makes a change to an API that would otherwise cause performance constraints.

Interested in seeing a live demonstration of the Platform and real-time API? Contact Prominence today for a conversation about how it can enable you to do more with your data.

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