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Prominence Reporting Managed Services: Knowledge, Quality, Value11/10/2021
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Highly skilled Epic resources are extremely challenging to come across, and with a tightening labor market organizations are seeing higher turnover rates and dried up candidate pools derail their mission-critical data initiatives.

Prominence is helping organizations mitigate these risks and challenges by offering managed services for Epic’s Cogito suite and analytics tools. This gives you access to our team of reporting experts to fill gaps, provide additional bandwidth, and meet the demands of your data consumers. It’s like having a red phone to your own team of Epic analytics super heroes.

The Prominence team offers unparalleled expertise and capabilities. Our managed services team has certifications in every Epic module, deep experience with all of Epic’s Cogito suite, and a wide breadth of knowledge in 3rd party BI tools like SAP, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and SQL/SSRS.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the most important part of any engagement. This is why our engagement models are highly flexible with predictable pricing so they can fit your budget while maintaining agility to meet unforeseen needs.


Organizations have invested heavily in their analytics teams and technologies to provide solutions to data-related challenges. No doubt you have people who are very talented and have great vision for what they want to accomplish at your organization. But often times these A-players get roped into servicing the interest on technical debt as opposed to actually making an investment that will pay dividends in the future.

This results in two very bad outcomes:

  1. Talented team members become bored and disenfranchised that they aren’t able to work on exciting new technologies and projects, and
  2. New tools and solutions going unused and their associated spend becoming unjustifiable due to lack of results.

This situation leads to dissatisfaction for everyone – leadership, reporting analysts, and consumers – and ultimately to turnover, or at least severe underperformance compared to goals.

Forward thinking organizations are empowering their team members to truly move the needle for analytics at their organization by engaging Prominence Managed Services. This allows you to offload maintenance of legacy tools and processes that weigh down your team to a talented and dedicated set of resources who you can trust to get the work done quickly and the right way.

Now your team is freed up to tackle the most pressing and important tactical and strategic data needs using the latest technologies and solutions; leading to satisfied team members, happy consumers, and fulfilled organizational objectives.


Life is unpredictable and these things happen regardless of the best planning. Engaging Prominence Managed Services ensures you always have a consistent team of resources at your disposal to jump in and backfill staffing shortages or turnover without missing a beat.

This allows you to focus on resolving your staffing issues the right way – either taking the time needed to find the right candidate or train up another resource – without sacrificing your ability to deliver on the important data work your customers need. When you’re back to full strength on your team Prominence Managed Services provides knowledge transfer to your team to ensure a smooth transition.


Unforeseen reporting needs like this arise all the time, whether driven by a regulatory body, executive leadership, or organizational transformation. Regardless, it falls to the same team of resources to get the job done – even if they’re at 100% capacity in their current state.

When situations like this arise, having a trusted partner who can immediately spin-up a team of high-performing resources is critical. On-demand bandwidth is made available to all of Prominence’s Managed Services customers to provide an extra layer of insurance to tackle unexpected and urgent analytics needs whenever they may arise.

We assign a team of resources to every managed services customer who stay informed on your organization so when you need additional support you have almost no ramp time for them to jump in and start driving results.

Incredible Value

With over a decade of experience and 100+ healthcare customers, Prominence understands that every dollar spent by healthcare organizations is an investment in improving the ability to provide care, operate efficiently, and improve healthcare.

By viewing our partnerships through this lens, we ensure we’re aligned with our customers in delivering results for the lowest possible costs. We’re so successful at providing a return on investment that our customers rate us 100% does not nickel-and-dime in KLAS, in addition to 100% exceeds expectations.

Our ability to deliver above expectations and on budget is a defining reason why our customers continue to partner with us year after year.

Interested in learning more about our managed services? Contact Prominence for a no-strings conversation or download the whitepaper here.

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