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Prominence Gives Back: The Children’s Home01/18/2024
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Prominence Advisors remains steadfast in its commitment to making a positive impact, not only within the healthcare industry but also within our local communities. Today, we highlight the valuable contribution of Jennifer Wheeler, our Managing Director of Data Visualization, who recently volunteered her time at The Children’s Home.


The Children’s Home: Nurturing Care and Support

Situated in Catonsville, Maryland, The Children’s Home is a residential care facility offering both long- and short-term services to youth aged 13 to 21. The organization serves those who have experienced abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, or require supervised care. The programs at The Children’s Home aim to empower children to attend public schools, foster self-esteem, and cultivate trusting relationships with peers and adults.

Jennifer’s Impactful Volunteering Experience

Jennifer participated in a “Sorting Elf” shift at The Children’s Home, a heartening initiative where the community collaborates to purchase holiday gifts for the 50 residents. Each child works with mentors and staff to create a holiday wish list, and volunteers like Jennifer play a crucial role in sorting and preparing these gifts.


Making a Positive Impact, One Gift at a Time

We commend Jennifer for her compassionate spirit and dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children at The Children’s Home. Her involvement in the “Sorting Elf” initiative actively contributes to creating a positive and memorable holiday experience for the residents, aligning with the core values of community service at Prominence Advisors.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of our team members engaging in impactful community service. Jennifer, thank you for exemplifying the spirit of giving and compassion!

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