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This is the third and final part of our 3-part blog series about our workplace culture. If you missed the first part on Purpose or the second part on Balance, feel free to check it them out.
When I joined Prominence, one of the things that most attracted me to the role was that it sounded challenging, and that I could be a part of something new and innovative. I had spent some time in a role which wasn’t a fit for my skills and interests, and I wasn’t challenged on a regular basis. I was excited to not only assimilate into a new company, but also to learn a new software application and discover new use cases for niche analytical and reporting tools.
One of the greatest reasons I enjoy my job today is because of the growth I (and my colleagues) experience here. Overcoming the challenge of learning something new brings satisfaction, and it can sustain you through the struggle over the learning curve. What brings job commitment over the long term, sustained over the ups and downs, is seeing those skills for which you toiled open new doors for you and for your company. Growth is energizing, and growth with a purpose can be truly fulfilling.
Through both my personal experiences at Prominence and what I’ve watched my colleagues experience, I’ve seen growth in a variety of ways.
Personal Growth 
Because of the unique services we provide, there are countless ways to vary and broaden our skills. On the Analytics team, we continue to work through new data management challenges with our customers, in part because we are with them as they break new ground in healthcare analytics. On the Deployment team, what can begin as a short-term contract to fill a lead role vacancy can morph into larger and more complex roles based on the needs our clients must address.
In my personal growth and development since joining Prominence, I’ve been able to go from a basic vocabulary about reporting technology to understanding the fundamentals of SQL and data modeling and working with technical report configuration on a daily basis. At Prominence, we’re never satisfied with doing things just because that’s how it’s always been done. Instead, we strive to identify those processes and tools we can make more repeatable. As part of that, I’ve also been able to hone my skills in assessing improvement needs and crafting and training those improvements.Professional Growth
As I mentioned above, rising to a challenge has its allure, but it’s more sustaining as a workplace motivator when we can use the skills we develop in tackling new problems in an expanded role. Not only do I get to take pride in the work I do to make our jobs more efficient on a daily basis, my efforts are rewarded with the opportunity to direct install process improvements across our whole Analytics Project Management division, adding both variety in my job duties and recognition of my skills. Across the company, our leadership puts faith in our employees and rewards them for their results. We haven’t hired in our leadership – every single one of them started in the same roles we started in, proved their impact and gained new roles where they could share that impact with a team.

Company Growth
We’re lucky to work at an agile company, where we can evaluate the market demands and shift quickly and competently to meet them. It’s interesting to remember that some of our longest and most comprehensive analytics projects began as specialized advisory work to implement a single analytics application. We build trust with our customers because we make a point to do the right thing in all our interactions with them, which leads them to seek us for help solving more challenging and complex problems. This leads us to put our creativity and problem-solving skills to task, building new expertise along the way. We’ve found that, through solving some of these problems, we’ve unwittingly kicked open a door to another business line because our other customers face similar struggles and seek trusted support, as well.

When you work with healthcare organizations, your work always has a deeper significance. Someone’s mother or daughter or sister might be the patient that experiences improved care outcomes today because of the work we helped accomplish. We take that impact very seriously; we know that our time is even more valuable to our clients because they are choosing to invest to solve problems of tomorrow, when they are often faced with difficult choices on how to pay for the problems of today. This is what truly contributes to our workplace culture – the ability to grow, personally, professionally, and as a company, to provide the best, most creative, most meaningful solutions to the problems our clients are just beginning to define themselves.

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