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KLAS Leading Epic Services09/09/2021
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For the past eleven years, Prominence has been helping healthcare organizations do more with their Epic deployments to make healthcare smarter. Over these years we’ve seen the needs of our customers change. From single application analysts helping organizations get over the go-live ‘hump’ to managed service teams of analytics aficionados, and everything in between.

Our ability to adapt to customer needs, especially during the pandemic, has made us a critical partner at more than 90 healthcare organizations. As a reflection of our commitment to our customer partnerships, our customers rated us:

Many customers ask what sets us apart from other Epic services vendors. After all, isn’t about just finding someone with a certification to fill a role? That may be true for some companies, but we know it’s much more than that. Below is how we break down our Epic Services to provide KLAS-leading support to our customers


Our customers rated us 100% Would Buy Again in KLAS because of our ability to drive results. These results may vary from customer to customer, such as: filling a gap on a team, mentoring and growing new staff, taking on unexpected projects, tackling a novel challenge, or much more.

Moving mountains and doing great work for our customers is so integral to how we operate as a company that we have made them our core values that we revisit at every all-company meeting.

Engagement Models

Our customers rate us 100% Does Not Nickel and Dime in KLAS because our services are cost-effective and all-inclusive. We provide the right resource at the right time and the best price in the industry. Whether you need part-time help, a full-time resource, or a team to provide managed services, Prominence can help meet the demands of your organization.

Additionally, our experience in working with 90+ healthcare organizations means we know what it takes to get a project done. And if something isn’t completed to the customer’s satisfaction, we make it right.

Qualified Staff

Our customers rate us 100% Exceeds Expectations in KLAS because we only hire and retain the absolute best talent in the industry. Our recruiting and vetting processes are unparalleled, and unlike many Epic firms, we don’t bring on just anyone. We know that our relationships with our customers will be better if we turn down a role instead of providing a sub-par resource.

Fortunately, we rarely ever have to turn down a role due to lack of staff. Our talent pool includes more than 300 pre-qualified candidates that are certified in Epic, vetted by our internal team and processes, evaluated for technical proficiency, and that have a reference from a previous direct manager. This ensures every Prominence team member is raising the bar for us and our customers.

Of course, any company can write a blog post bragging about themselves, but we think it’s better when it comes from our customers themselves. See what our customers are saying about us – honest, accurate, impartial – on KLAS’ website: https://klasresearch.com/

Lastly, our team of experts would be happy to provide a no-strings conversation about how we can help you do more with your Epic instance. We’ll share specific examples and case studies from our customers and provide information on how Prominence partners with organizations for long-term success. As always, it’s a no-pressure conversation where you can draw from our experience with 90+ healthcare organizations across the nation.

Quotes from KLAS:

“Our resources are like family. Every resource I have worked with from Prominence has exceeded my expectations. Our current resource is a great project leader and is skilled at knowledge transfers and staff mentoring. That person really took our needs into consideration when they became part of our team. That individual’s documentation has always been accurate. Outsiders wouldn’t know that that resource was a consultant. That person is really pleasant to work with and never makes us feel like we are asking stupid questions. This individual has delivered on everything that we have asked. Our consultant has had our strategy in mind with every project and is good at looking back and helping us see where our issues were.” – Director

“When we have openings for full-time staff and we have a hard time finding them, we use Prominence. They are our go-to resource to bring on contractors to do the work until we have a full-time staff hired. The individual we were working with was very good. We have had other resources in the same role that we have not been happy with that have moved along. Prominence brings quality people to the table. They are a very good partner, and I highly value them because of how they come through on deliveries over and over again.” – VP/Other Executive

“We have had incredibly positive experiences with all of the folks that Prominence has sourced for us over the years with various projects. They have brought on very high-caliber project managers who were fantastic and came with years of expertise. They also had really great soft skills in partnering with our other project managers, IS teams, and operational leaders. Those people also did all of the team-building work to really ensure that everybody felt that their voices were heard.” – Director

“The consultants that we have from Prominence aren’t entry-level key-pounders. They are quick learners who think for themselves, and they are doing a great job of helping us with the Epic system. They provide value.” – Director

If this blog post missed the mark or you’d like additional content or detail in future posts, just let us know. Our goal is to provide useful, actionable information to help healthcare organizations do more with their data and make healthcare smarter.

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